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Stuff going on here at home, with health, blah blah blah. To make up for it, here is a very determined cat. (Who, coincidentally, looks a great deal like my late baby Shaquille! He had the same beautiful pattern on his coat.)

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I swear I'll catch up on my shows one of these days!


Hee! [ profile] electrolitestar shared this, and it cracked me up.

Oh, Castiel. You would be the one with the bunny problem. ;)


30 Days of True Blood, DAY SIXTEEN... since I forgot it. *sigh*

True Blood )

30 Days Memes, DAY SEVENTEEN

True Blood )

Angel )

Buffy )

All the Days: True Blood )
All the Days: Angel )
All the Days: Buffy )
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I just wanted to say [ profile] ital_gal for donating to the It Gets Better campaign on LJ in my name, and giving me those cute little purple bears! They're so cute!


Hee. How to Pet a Kitty.

Also, 17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat -- and having nothing to do with cats, I didn't know that guinea pigs, squirrels, lemurs, elephants, and gorillas also purr? Cool!


Terriers S01E07 )


Swiped from [ profile] kita0610:



30 Days Memes, DAY TWELVE

True Blood )

Angel )

Buffy )

All the Days: True Blood )
All the Days: Angel )
All the Days: Buffy )
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SPN S06E02 )

Do you know I have to turn the volume on my CW affiliate up to 60 (out of 100) on my TV to hear any of the shows? WTH?


Okay, Modern Family is in pretty close contention to be my #1 favorite sitcom of all time. (The Big Bang Theory is up there too.) My lungs were already in excruciating pain from the VULCAN DEATH FLU, and this week's episode made me laugh so hard I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a minute.

"Control-D makes the picture walk, walk, walk."

"I'm going to go get a beer, beer, beer, before I hit you in the head, head, head."

Hee. And the great thing about it is there are so many really touching moments too. Like although I almost passed out from laughing, I also got all teary at the end. That's a good show.


I horked this from the lovely [Bad username or site: killerweasel @ site], and IDEK WTFF, man.

See, it made me use that text speak shit that I hate.

Hey, at least Sparkly Peen's not in it! But Buffy, Eric and Bill are, along with some of my beloved classics. Hi Deacon Frost! Hi Langella's Dracula! Oh, and so many others. But no Gerry Butler. *sniff* I guess they're trying to pretend that movie didn't happen. No Underworld, either. Oh well, I guess you can't get ALL the vampires, right?


So you know I signed up for Schmoop_Bingo. I also have plans to finish Rise (I swear, [personal profile] moscow_watcher, I'm giving it my best shot!) and another IWRY that I left hanging, plus a new IWRY short fic. That's a lot of writing for a person who hasn't done much of anything in years.

Then I remembered NANO IS COMING. I planned on finishing a draft of my latest long languishing original novel.

Okay, I'm not going to get all panicky. I'm just going to plug along and do the best I can. Otherwise, this is when I always just freak myself out into stopping writing entirely and disappear for a while. I don't want to do that this time. I have to stick to it no matter how I feel, and no matter how the material is coming that day.
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I hope you all have a plentiful harvest! Or at least get some yummy corn, pumpkins, and squash. *G*

Beautiful colorbar by [community profile] magic_art


I'm like, a day behind on comments about shows and stuff because I'm pretty much a day behind on watching everything. Keeping up with premieres is starting to get stressful! I think I sort of snapped last night because like, 12 things were either premiering or airing, and I couldn't handle the decisions... so I kept watching The Wire.

Sons of Anarchy S03E03 )

I sort of had Hell's Kitchen muted in the background last night and... well, it pretty much looked like more of the same: contestants screw up, Chef freaks out. With everything that's on at this time, I don't think I need to keep up with it this season -- it should stay an off season show.

Did anybody catch The Whole Truth? I want to try that. I heard ungood things about Undercovers... like the use of the word "sexpionage," which... ew. I don't know, I might still give it a try. There's just too much on this fall, and like I said, I don't see how I can keep up.



Interesting Meta post about Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0 and us Old Schoolers vs. the N00bs and how we interact on LJ/DW vs. FB. Wow, that's a lot of versus. Anyway, food for thought. Where did our anonymity go? Somebody sold it to advertisers. *sigh*


The Muppets do.... TRUE MUD.

What gets me is Muppet Bill flopping his hair all over the place. Hee.
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You're supposed to be my friend! :(


HOT DRAGON ACTION! Or, er... actually, not.

Adopt one today! (BJPinky) Adopt one today! (TBJessica)

So I decided, since Jessica is all grown up (and we all know that females should have BABIES, as this is their only purpose in life!), I should breed her. And guest commentator [ profile] frozenproduce suggested mating her with one of my pink fellas. Well, I mean, they're cute pink dragons with tidy wings and large show tune collections, so you can probably guess what happened. I introduced Pinky and Jessica, and they.... went "meh." And absolutely no Dragon Smexing whatsoever took place. *Sigh* Now I have to wait another day and try with Rosey. Maybe he'll "Show interest" in her?

Tune in tomorrow for AS THE DRAGONS... er... TURN? FLAP? SPEW FIRE? I dunno.


HAHAHAHA! Check out "The Honeymoon of Dean and Castiel" hahahaahhaahaha.



So... [ profile] gabrielleabelle has a poll: Is B/A subversive? Does it subvert itself in canon? And seeing as how her entire FList seems to be Spuffies and B/A negative people, I BEG ONE OF OUR MORE ELOQUENT FANS ([ profile] margotlefaye, are you out there? If I had a D Signal, I would flash it at you! And OH HOW I MISS HARPY RIGHT NOW!) TO EXPLAIN WHY B/A IS NOT *insert same old generally dismissive and insulting crap about B/A here*.

Keep your tone polite if you answer. Notice I didn't answer, because my answer would mostly be "OMG PEOPLE STFU! IT'S NOT CLICHE! YOU SEE A LOT OF "HEROINE WITH HERO LOVE INTEREST CONSORT" IN MODERN FICTION DO YOU? SEE TWO HEROES PROPPING EACH OTHER UP WITH (probably impossible) DREAMS OF HOPE, HAVE YOU? ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! *throws violent tantrum, has heart attack and drops dead* And, I'm not entirely sure what she's even asking to begin with. Or why.

To Subvert (According to Webster's): 1 : to overturn or overthrow from the foundation : ruin; 2 : to pervert or corrupt by an undermining of morals, allegiance, or faith.

The Free Dictionary ( has a more salient definition of Subversive: "subversive: Adjective - intended or intending to weaken or overthrow a government or an institution. Noun - a person engaged in subversive activities."

The thesaurus suggests "revolutionary". So... was B/A meant to destroy some fundamental tropes, as so much of what Whedon does is supposed to do? Does it destroy itself? Is it revolutionary?

I'm being a good girl, and coming back here to cry and hyperventilate and get hugs, and PLEADING for one of the many intelligent B/A Shippers on my FLIST to PLEASE offer a balanced view to that B/A hate fest over there. (They are not being mean about shippers, though, which is a nice change.) I had to leave about two comments in, and may not be able to put together a coherent answer besides "NO! WTF?" And so.

*breathes deep yoga breaths*

(Here's a puzzler: why is a Spuffy asking an Flist full of Spuffies if B/A is subversive in the first place? Don't answer that, it's just a little thought in my head.) (And hey, WHY HAVE I STILL NOT LEARNED NOT TO CLICK LINKS I KNOW WILL PROBABLY BE NOT-B/A FRIENDLY? IT'S BEEN TEN YEARS.)

Also, please don't bring up Spuffy in the discussion -- [ profile] gabrielleabelle specifically asked people not to. It's also lame to bash another ship just to pump up your own, and not what the discussion needs.

I'm going to go throw up now.


You know what brought me down (or "up," I guess) AGAIN? Star Trek. I'm watching the Original Series for the first time in decades -- including the original pilot, which I've never seen before, and my blood pressure is back down, and I've just kind of... let that annoyance earlier go. Does this speak of the calming power of Star Trek? My continued over-investment in shows that have been off the air for years? Both?

Anyway -- I'm sad in a different way now. #1 in the original pilot was AWESOME. And an officer. And there's actually some surface level touching on sexism. There was an Asian fella in the transporter room! Roddenbury said in the intro that one of the reasons the original pilot was not produced was because it wasn't "cast sensibly" = too many non-whites.

Which leads me to think about IBARW and an essay I read today: Nyota Uhura is Not a White Girl or "now that we've got that clear, and you know that i'm not here..." by [ profile] rawles. It's excellent food for thought, and a good explanation for why every time I hear someone say the word "post-racial", I want to kick them. (I'm trying to keep my temper down, because I'm dizzy! From the high blood pressure that I totally don't have! Oh, man, I'm having a total breakdown. Or else one of these new meds is making me more batshit than usual.")

Help me Original Trek (even-though-your-flaws-are-glaring-you-were-making-real-inroads-for-your-time)! Help me!

Or better yet, my beautiful, wonderful friends of all fandoms and ships and preferred characters and philosophies and temperments. I need some recs. Happy recs. Porny recs. Gaila recs. What I would love:

Porny, HEA Recs from any current fandom: True Blood, Supernatural (Dean/Castiel), Gossip Girl (Chuck/Blair or Blair/Serena), Merlin, Being Human, Star Trek XI, Kradam, and of Course, Buffy/Angel (B/A positive ONLY, please)
Eric Northman recs
Gaila/Uhura, Gaila/Kirk, or just Gaila recs (especially these -- I'm collecting links in my Delicious.
Fluffy Being Human fic (OT3 or Mitchell/Annie)
*Happy B/A or B/A Meta.*

Or write me some drabbles! Or post funny gifs. Something!

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Happy birthday to the awesome [ profile] fickledame! I hope you have fabulous day, honey!


Come on. What the fuck, people?


Another Vampire Diaries promo:

You know, between Twitlight and this, I've started to wonder: Why do these vampire guys bother going to high school? I mean... it's frickin' creepy, is what it is. I prefer they lurk. Of course, it's only these magically daytime-safe vampires who CAN go to school, but WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO? It's not like there are truant officers scouring towns anymore. Especially not for guys who are clearly at least in their 20's. The only think I can think of is that they want to stalk high school girls.

Geeze, at least Buffy was the Slayer -- she could take care of herself. I don't know... I think this show might end up being too Twilight Creepy for me. We'll see, I guess.


I'm curious if anyone has invites to An Archive of Our Own? I've been wanting to try it for a while now, and I would love to have someplace to post all of my fic besides LJ and my site. And of course, my site's a big mess, so.... Eh.

Anyway, if you're involved and have an invite, I would love one.


Mmmm. I just had the most delicious Caesar salad. I am appropriately ashamed at the bad environmental karma I collected, because not only wasn't it local produce, it was a DOLE BAGGED SALAD. They were on sale, and I'm really, really broke, ya'll. I was literally dying for some cool, fresh veggies. We almost never have them in our house anymore, as we're waiting for our own garden to be ready for harvest. I was read about, I think it was in New Jersey? That there's a program where people with Food Stamps can spend them on fresh food in the farmers' markets. Man, I would love to do that. Of course, I share a house owned by my parents, and they refuse to disclose their finances, so I can't even GET food stamps. How's that for a Catch-22? *sigh*

ANYWAY, wah wah I'm poor. YUMMY SALAD. I put jalapenos on it, chopped up the one tomato and 1/2 red pepper we had in the house. The salad kit came with "fresh" parmesan that you crumble up, a delicious creamy caesar dressing, and yummy croutons. IT WAS THE BEST SALAD EVER.

Okay, maybe in a really long time, then. Remember the days when I used to go to the steak house salad bar and have Fat Salads for lunch for $5/shot? It was like 3 pounds of Romaine lettuce, baby carrots, pepperoni, shredded cheese, chunky blue cheese dressing, balsamic vinegar, sauteed mushrooms and fresh bread croutons. Mmmm. So yummy and slimy and gross.

Man, I'm hungry for more salad.


Okay, there's just no way to be sad or grumpy after you see and hear this. Borrowed from my friend [ profile] lizardjee, whose son is totally obsessed with it. I don't blame him, actually. :


If you haven't pet my baby dragon yet, please do. She's only got 3 days to grow up before she DIES. Gods, that's horrible! What kind of sadistic game is this? *cries*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Happy Canada day to my (not too terribly) Northern Neighbors!


You know a random fact about Eric Northman (on the show True Blood) that I adore? He is the tackiest fucking dresser in vampire history. No seriously. I mean, okay, Ricean vampires have velvet and frills or whatever, but dudes... Northman is all primary colored tank tops and shiny track suits. Hee. That it detracts not at all from his power or extreme hotness makes me very very happy in my pants.


ANYWAY. So much fic fun going on this summer!

Woohoo! Hot girl on girl action, ya'll! Climb on into our handbasket! You know the girls just don't get enough girllove!

I'm still reading the Porn Battle VIII entries. Yowza!

I'm hoping to be able to hole up (heh.) in the basement this weekend and do nothing but write -- including some hot femslash, baby! Also original stuff, and work on my Kradam fic.


Goinked from the lovely [ profile] ladyoneill

Where Do I Fall on the Klein Sexual Orientation Scale? )

That's how I've always identified, isn't it? LOL I think these days I'm a little closer to 4 than I used to be, but a past with exclusively het behavior (outside of childhood) sort of skews it.


Hm. On one hand, this show looks hot. On the other, it leaves a sort of teen soap taste in my mouth that I'm not sure I'm going to be able to live with. Ah well, we'll see in September!


Swiped from [personal profile] killerweasel: THE ENGERGIZER BUNNEH, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My cats have fits like that. We just say they're "spazzing."


"I'm not homophobic, I just don't like gay people!"

Hey, you know, everybody's entitled to their opinion and to make the rules for their own community, but if its a public, fannish community, you best be prepared for backlash if you're discriminating against a pretty substantial portion of many fandoms! My favorite example is how they shut down ALL submissions from Torchwood because it has teh GHEYS IN ITOMG! I've been told there are HET relationships in that fandom too! So... they're tainted because of their {big announcer voice} DIRECT CONTACT WITH TEH GHEEEEEYYYYYYZ.

I have little or nothing to do with vidding, but I know a lot of people who I like and respect are, and this is just... NOT ON! I mean, really, why is homophobia still so acceptable? Do we need to make up an "ism" in order for it to be a BAD thing? Okay, how about HOMOHATEISM? There, now can we get upset with people for it? Now can it get serious consideration in public discourse right along with other "isms"? I don't know why this made me so angry, but it really, really did. I mean, it's one stupid vid community that I'd never even heard of before the wounderous [ profile] sockkpuppett pointed it out, but ON TOP of all the other indignities heaped on the LGBTQ community in recent days/weeks/months/years/decades, it just... ARGH!

Anyway, so... I can't do a damn thing about it accept urge my readers and friends NOT to submit to, vote on, or even publicly acknowledge the existence of this community beyond maybe spreading the word about its bigotry. Just because the owner says "No offense, it's just not to my taste," doesn't change the fact that it's HOMOHATEISM.

Feel free to join the boycott, but please, as pointed out in the post that started it all,, don't bother hating on the HOMOHATEIST. SHUN HIR/THEM. Much more effective in fandom. Oh! And for added interest (if you're interested at all) how about some historical context regarding the vidding community and exclusion of certain kinds of vids?

Need a cure for that Hate? This video is the funniest, awesomest thing I've seen in a while, and SO APPROPRIATE! Fuck You Very Much! This song also makes me slightly less annoyed with Katy Perry.


Well, that's it for today, kids. I have to take my dad for his SECOND cataract surgery at HOLY SHIT in the morning, so I'm off to shower and bed. SMOOCHIES!

Wait! I almost forgot to have you click on BJPinky (he's all grown up) and as yet unnamed dragonling!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Wallpaper Meme goinked from [personal profile] cerisaye:


01. Post this meme along with your current wallpaper.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

Click to enlarge:

Five sentences? Um... 1. KITTIES! 2. This picture makes me smile every time I see it. 3. KITTIES! 4. They look so sweet, but in reality they're about to have a fight over who gets the chair -- it's a reminder that things are not always the way they seem! 5. KITTIES!

I know, that's cheating, but... KITTIES!

My favorite part of this meme is actually see what programs everybody has on their desktop. *G*


ANOTHER MEME! SHEESH. This one is more serious.

Privilege Meme )

Well, yes, it's important to be aware of how you are privileged, but NOW WHAT? That's what I always end up with coming out of these discussions. I have privilege... and? Can I go back and NOT have gone to summer camp? Should I refuse to accept an apartment or a job because a person of less privilege might not have gotten it? Unpacking my backpack, okay... AND? I don't know. I rarely see any positive effect in this particular discussion. Consciousness is all well and good, but consciousness without a means to act is just spinning your wheels and feeling guilty for things that were not your fault. The best you can do, I guess, is to fight against discrimination however and wherever you can.


DMB Return With Best Album Yet

W00t! That's my boys. However, shouldn't it be "DMB Returns?" It's "Dave Matthews Band," which in this instance is a single entity, not separate individuals. If they named each guy, then it would be "return" -- MIRITE?

But yeah, anyway, this album rocks HARD. I wouldn't say it's their BEST album, but it is fricking amazing! You can check out the album yourself for free at the end of that article, if you're so inclined!


Okay, I usually try to screen the majority of my Adam Lambert squee! from you guys over at [ profile] lambert_ducks, but this video was the CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!

Future Glambert Fangirls of America!


I really tried to watch the Tony awards... I wanted to see some stuff from Hair, and... NPH! But he's... not really funny! WTF? :(

It's still on while I finish this, but... I'm kind of bored with it.


Finally, in closing: THE WORLD NEEDS MORE PORN!

Come get some prompts and MAKE SOME PORN! WHEEEE! Every fandom, every pairing/grouping, any possible kink you can imagine! FUN! (Dudes, there are prompts for Disney Princess porn, for eros sake.) (Weirdly though, my prompts for Buffy/Angel and Fred/Willow didn't make it on there somehow. I guess I'll just have to write them myself!)

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