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I don't know what the hell is going on with me, but now that I'm over the Death Flu, I now have some kind of Crohn's related intestinal HORROR going on that is just completely driving me crazy. I'm nauseous all the time (in spite of the powerful anti-nausea medicine I take), I feel like I'm getting ready to give birth to a number of aliens that are currently nesting in my gut, and I AM MORE MISERABLE THAN USUAL. OH! And to make things even more fun, my CPAP mask broke, and I feel like I didn't sleep at all last night. I'm sure the part I need to fix it will be outrageously expensive and take weeks to get here.



LOL Okay, this was funny:

I confess, a lot of times, I don't even get xkcd, but others, it makes my day. Part of what killed me with this one is that just about a week ago, I had to go through something similar when my cable internet went out (remember when I imploded?). I already knew it wasn't my computer, but I had to reboot it anyway. Of course, I was talking to a computer that was walking me through an endless script, so I didn't really have a chance to talk to an actual person, but... still, this made me chuckle. They should have tech support choices for beginners, intermediate, and advanced computer people.


Of course, feeling as crappy as I do means I'm WAY behind on my TV. I managed to get through Bones, which I thought was adorable, but that was it. I haven't even watched my ep of Terriers from the other day yet. SO!

The Big Bang Theory S04E04 )

WAAAH! Why was Vampire Diaries a repeat last night? I don't need this crap today. *sob*

Terriers S01E06 )


Well, as many of you know, our town exists in the late 19th century, so when the wind blows, we lose power, so I'm going to post this now. *sigh* Of course, the book I'm reading right now is an EBOOK, so I won't even be able to read if they power stays out. BASTARDS OF WEATHER! *Shakes Fist at Gods of Weather*


30 Days Memes, DAY SIX

True Blood )
Angel )
Buffy )

All the Days: True Blood )
All the Days: Angel )
All the Days: Buffy )


22/8/09 12:39
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IWRY still turns me into a sobbing wreck ten years later! I'm doing my first rewatch of Angel in a year or more, and this is the first time I've been able to watch this episode. Now I can't stop blubbering like a baby.

WHYYYY JOSS WHEDON? WHYYYYYY? *sobs* And then RIGHT on top of that he lays HERO ON US! WAAAAAAH!

I'm really enjoying my rewatch -- it's the first one in a while. I'm up to mid season 2 now, and I have to say: I STILL feel like the Fang Gang failed Angel far more than he failed them. They let him keep pushing them away, they didn't even try to understand what he might be going through. They just hemmed and hawed and mocked, and then when he had a total nervous breakdown, THEY got all butt hurt and made HIM grovel! Feh. With friends like that...


Feeling a little better today, but still not well enough to write home about. I'm avoiding uncooked veggies for a while.


Help save a cute little alien! Save this alien, and its race!

Please pet Northman if you get the chance. I got him a pretty new ring, but he doesn't have enough visits yet. :( I have completely lost touch with reality.


If you want to see how bad my obsession has gotten -- or if you just like to click cool looking creatures, stop by the Pen:

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For those of you who are new to the madness that is Ducks, Tuesday is my BAD DAY. It was back when I used to work full time, and it has yet to redeem itself since. I call Tuesday my Bane. I HATE Tuesday.

Okay, that's a little dramatic. Today was just kind of bleh. But still, it's TUESDAY'S FAULT.


Hahahaha. Okay, as it turns out, sLut the Magic Dragon is a male. And so, his name will therefore be James T. Kirk. Say hello, James! (Actually, it's JimmyTKirk, because some actual Trekkie beat me to James T.)

Adopt one today!


MEME! I was tagged by [ profile] bradeatspeeps, who would be the first person I would tag, and so now I have to rethink MY tag list, dammit!

First: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.

Second: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

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Everybody's so busy lately! I tag [ profile] vivier, [ profile] fangbanger4eric, [ profile] goddessrockgeek, [ profile] little_linds, [ profile] lunar47, [ profile] stormiejs, [ profile] lizardjee, and [ profile] ragdolll.


My full time job for the past couple of days has become AVOIDING any and all posts about the Supernatural and True Blood Panels at ComiCon. I do not want to be spoiled for the rest of this season of TB AT ALL, so if you saw it in that video clip, or heard it in the panel, please don't mention it around me or on [ profile] trueblood_squee without AMPLE warning! Please. *G*

Of course, I'm very generally spoiled about Supernatural (vague season direction, casting, etc. I know there are Read more... ) but I don't know the details. With SPN, I don't mind so much getting a little spoiled -- it's the journey that's fun. But with True Blood, baby, I will EAT YOUR FACE if you spoil me. The shocks, twists and turns on this show are half the fun (the other half being my favorite characters, of course. Hi Eric! Hi!).

Anyway. /whine


Ugh. Did I say I was done whining? Because apparently, I'm not. I went to my two doctors' appointments today, and have MORE medication I have to take and MORE tests that have to be run, none of which have anything to do with my current Crohn's issues. It was 80 billion degrees with 500 percent humidity out today, and when I got home, I took my new nasal spray (which seems to really work, btw), and now I am ZOMBIE LIKE. I wanted to get some writing done or SOMETHING, but... I just don't see it happening. I should at least scrawl down some words, I can fill out the flesh tomorrow.

But man, who thought a nasal spray could make you all bablbalbalblalblblbl? (It's Astepro, for anybody who's curious.) I'll spare you more Medical TMI until I have something definite to share.


Now that they're all grown up, I want to consider mating. The only female is Jessica, the first red. Should I mate her with one of the pink guys, or Swirly, the green guy, or her own kind, sLutty JimmyT?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Okay, someone needs to explain this to me. In Gmail, you have little link ads above your mailbox that are usually tied somehow to the subject lines of one of the emails. Well... I just got the weirdest, most non sequitor ad I've ever seen. It said "Severus Snape Fan? Watch Glee, this fall on Fox."

Huh? Because... Snape is going to be on Glee? Hee. That would totally rule, but I sincerely doubt it. Google is weird.


OMG You guys, you know what I just realized? This year is the tenth anniversary of both IWRY and Something Old! Okay, I need to do something to celebrate. Is there going to be an IWRY-a-thon this year, because there REALLY NEEDS TO BE! I'm currently in the process of posting ALL the chapters of Something Old to my NEW home (hopefully eventually permanent?) at The Archive of Our Own!

Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be so shocked that this completely slipped my attention all year -- half the time I don't even know what day it is unless there's something on TV. *G* But this has definitely got me thinking.

TEN YEARS, you guys, can you believe it? A DECADE OF B/A. (Well, actually 12 years, but this was a really seminal episode for fandom and fanfic. For those who weren't around back then, there were literally REAMS of fic dealing with the events of IWRY and its actual and alternate aftermaths. It inspired several stories from me, of which SO was just the biggest.)


You know, you find the best shit in random Alexander Skarsgard appreciation threads! This one was from [ profile] ontd:

LogoThere are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Okay, that's just WEIRD. Actually, it's not weird at all. What's weird is that one lives two towns over and about 10 miles away from me, or at least she used to.


So I got up at the dickbase of dawn AGAIN to go see my cardiopulmonary guy. Can someone out there explain to me what the difference is between Pulmonary Medicine and Cardiology? I suppose I could Google it, but it's sort of just an idle question, since I have no doubt Medicaid wouldn't pay for both if they were redundant. ANYWAY, so for the first time in 15 years, someone is actually, ACTIVELY trying to address my eternally chronic sinus problems! I'm actually going to have a sinus CAT scan tomorrow! I have been complaining about constant congestion that almost NOTHING addresses for years now. It's part of the reason I'm still struggling with my CPAP (besides comfort issues, but really, those are bearable at this poin.) I just CAN'T use it if my nasal passages are congested, which they almost always are. He had me dump the crap Claritin D rip off the clinic's had me on for two years that does NOTHING, and is starting me on a regimin of Asotline spray and this thing that's sort of like a net pot, but less gross.

Oh well, at least my crappy clinic referred me to this guy in the first place. I really felt like I received quality health care today!


In closing -- you know a frakking movie ROCKS when it ROCKS HARD even as a crappy Russian cam copy. (Hi STXI! HI! When are you coming out on DVD?) Also, I JUST realized that the actor who plays Scotty is Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead! Wow, how slow am I?

Man, I could watch this flick a thousand times.


Please pet my baby dragon if you haven't already. Here's hoping she's a girl! :D

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OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY [profile] chrisleeoctaves, [profile] laitiane and [profile] lucindacapone! Hope you guys had a day as awesome as you are!


So... the CPAP experiment continues. Read more... )


The following has been deemed "offensive" and "privleged white people making fun of racism without actually doing any work," and called bad on all kinds of levels, as you can see if you read the comments.

I thought it was fucking brilliant. But I'm white, so I guess that must be my privlege talking.

Please don't spam the comments. I think you have to be a member to post. I know "it's" not about me, but it's fucking exhausting and depressing to love all people equally, to try and combat racism where I find it and do my best to be a good overall human being, and be told that I'm still a racist asshole and that nothing I can ever do, however positive, is ever good enough. Whatever. No wonder more people don't struggle to be anti-racist allies.

I mean, what would be the appropriate response, standing there shouting back at them? Shooting them in the face? Tempting, but has violence ever worked against this sort of thing?


Do I still have to put American Idol stuff behind a cut? Does anybody with a computer NOT already know who won? Eh, fuck it. American Idol )

Shine on, Adam baby, YOU ROCK. You're the only reason I got so invested in this season in the first place. Hopefully it won't happen again. I believe a law should be passed that NO ONE should be able to be the American Idol without ROCKING a pair of six inch platform boots. *nods*

I need an icon of that outfit, STAT. And to see a remake of something glammy with Adam in the starring role. Rocky, maybe? (Horror Picture Show, not the boxing one.)


A Brief History of Weed, swiped from Huffington Post:


Hm. I suspect I'll be watching the Vampire Diaries in the fall. Whee! Anybody know what night it's on yet?


Ugh. Now I'm nauseous. WTF, body?

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