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Still fully in the grips of my Free Realms addiction. I can't help it -- they're doing a Halloween themed thing, and I get to dress up like a vampire and go treak or treating. SHUT UP! ;)


RIP Paul the Psychic Octopus. :(


The Rocky Horror Glee Show S02E05 )

Raising Hope S01E05 )

I'll try to catch up with a few more shows tomorrow. I have to go indulge my addiction right now. ;)

Thanks to [Bad username or site: raelala @"] for sharing this gem: Reasoning With Vampires. Basically, an entire blog dedicated to why the Twilight series is BADLY WRITTEN PAP. Even without all the philosophical and plot disasters.



30 Days Memes, DAY FIFTEEN

True Blood )

Angel )

Buffy )

All the Days: True Blood )
All the Days: Angel )
All the Days: Buffy )
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Had a really nice visit with my Aunt and Uncle who came down from Maine. Whole family went out to Applebee's. I ate entirely too much food, and now I think it's entirely possible that my intesines really ARE going to explode.

It was worth it.


Also, [personal profile] escritoireazul wrote on my prompt yesterday at [community profile] comment_fic! A really gritty, touching crossover BtVS/Sons of Anarchy, starring Faith and Gemma Morrow, called Gonna Fade Away. Stop by and check it out!


I don't care what anybody says. I thought Raising Hope was cute. "Get that dog off my couch!" Hee! And Read more... )


Glee S02E01 )


I did a few [community profile] comment_fics of my own today! It's three line day, and who can't do three lines? I got to break out my run-on sentence skills, which always makes me happy. *G* Check them out and feed back if you like!

1. For [profile] kasmodia: True Blood, Sam/Bill, vivid dreams

2. For [personal profile] tigriswolf: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, (Drusilla/)Kendra/Xander, everyone knows you don't turn a slayer
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Happy birthday [ profile] insanity_speaks! I know you've been kind of down lately, so I hope this day is a REALLY good one for you!


Stuff from my Fannish!Crack dealer [ profile] killerweasel


Whoa, Whoa, Whoa… Robert Downey Jr. as the Vampire Lestat? - I'm actually sort of intrigued, although I love and adore Stuart Townsend's version and don't hate Tom Cruise's.


Via my darling [ profile] kita0610: A touching tribute to John Hughes from a fan. He meant a lot to some of us in my generation, including me -- I always felt like he got what being a teenager was like in the 80's, and gave us awesome stories and iconic characters to boot.


Interesting tidbit: ever since I changed my sexual orientation to "Bisexual" on Facebook, ALL I GET are ads for lesbian dating services. Um... I don't think "bisexual" means what you think it means, Facebook.


This just blew me away. One of my best friends from high school pointed out that ANOTHER of my best friends since, like, forever, is now a doctor, and donates services to foster children in Florida. It just totally brought tears to my eyes. He and I used to be very close, once upon a time. He was a big part of my shennanigans!

Guardian Health Center. Here's a story the local news did on him. OMG!

Wow. He always was an awesome guy, always there for me and my crazy friends when we needed him. Of course, he was just as crazy. LOL


So, I was playing around on the Mary Kay website today, and I tried on some new hairdos. What do you think? *G* Read more... )

I would love to have a shaggy cut like this, but I'm SO lazy, and I can't afford that kind of color, so it would just be crappy and flat all the time. But still!


My dragons are so awesome! *G* Of course, I had to compulsively pick up another pretty egg for no good reason. Please pet the babies! You don't have to click the adults if you don't want. :D

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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RIP David Carradine.


SQUEE! Merlin is going to be airing on NBC starting Sunday, June 21! For those of you who have been curious about this slashalicious BBC show, now's your chance to check it out! SQUEE!

I do believe I'll be watching it again! I've been wanting to write some fic, and that will give me the perfect excuse to study the show more closely. *G*


*Sobs Senselessly* B/A FIC FROM *SNUFFLE* [profile] chrisleeoctaves! *Chokes* "Five Ways It Might Have Ended For Buffy and Angel". Go. Read it. Bring Kleenex. Worship and feed back.


So I FINALLY watched the pilot of Glee -- I mean, paid attention to it -- and I LOVED it! I can't wait to see where it goes in the fall. Did anybody else just get like SO PUMPED UP during "Don't Stop Believin'?" I guess that's why it's been #1 on iTunes. *G* Has it been put on the schedule yet? I hope it's not opposite anything I watch... Although that doesn't really stop me anymore since I can catch things online with no problem.

Yay Glee! :D


Hey, I started a Twitter Group thingy -- called a TWIBE, of all things. LOL It's - for fans of all things vamp... except Twilight. They have enough of their own groups. So if you have a Twitter, feel free to join.

I have no idea what it's for, but hey. I like joining things. *G*


HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHA! Oh, Dave, I love you so much. *faints*


Okay, got to make it an early night tonight. I have to get up at HOLY SHIT! in the morning to take my father to an eye appointment. Woe.
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Mr. Obama, you rock. Now if only you would change your mind on the marriage equality issue (and a few other things -- I'm really concerned about the various privacy and spying issues that are still Status Quo from the fascist Bush regime. And seemingly getting worse.)

What is Pride?

If, like me, you're stuck in a place with no Pride -- well, not that there's no Queer Pride here, just that there's no big parade. The community is fairly insular, and for perfectly understandable -- though sad -- reasons. I always endeavor to be a good ally, and you know LGBT issues are my biggest political "thing", but I want to spend this month appreciating the contributions and tribulations of the gay community by appreciating its art!

Glaad, for example, has Pride TV a list of LGBT programming on Television.

The Logo Network (imagine, five years ago there WAS no LGBT network!) lists their top 10 Gay Movies You Have to See! Here's the list, if you don't feel like watching the video... )

I'm going to hunt a few of those down myself -- starting with But I'm a Cheerleader!

Music: Okay, first, I found this link, which is MUSIC YOU SHOULD BAN FROM YOUR HOME IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO TURN GAY! Which, to me, means acts that I should probably try harder to support. I don't know if this is a joke or not, but the Jonas Brothers are on there as a "Gateway Band". Man, am I glad I'm not a Christian. I would hate to have to keep decrying the asshats that make my side look bad. *patently ignores the odder of the naked tree dancing Pagans with names like Sir DragonDancer and Lady NutFaery* He also lists the Dresden Dolls as a "safe" band, along with Cheap Trick and Evanescence? o_O

On a more legit note, check out, home of the LGBT Musicians Top 40 list. I've been a freak for Indigo Girls music for YEARS, and though I've lost interest in her most recent work, Melissa Etheridge as well.

Want to learn something about LGBT visual art? Check out Wikipedia's LGBT Art Portal or GayCity USA's directory of artists' webpages.

Don't forget, our own fannish communities are full of wonderful queer writers, artists, philosophers and other characters, and lots of GAY PORN! *G*

Let's celebrate PRIDE!


RIP David Eddings.


In more fannish news:


Because of Twilight fame, Quileute Tribe hires a publicist.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. I mean, good for them for hiring someone to help with this, because the series makes soup out of Quileute tradition, right along with playing on the old Native = Animal trope. But still, it makes me uncomfortable that they should HAVE to do that. I don't know.


Extended Vampire Diaries Trailer:

Um... I'm less sure about this now, but... I'll give it a chance. The mantra, "At least it's not Twilight!" goes a long way with me.


Five Reasons the so-called "Buffy" re-boot Won't Work

Here, I have five for you:

1.) No SMG
2.) No DB
3.) No Scoobies/Giles
4.) No Big Bad of the Season
5.) No Joss (I can't believe I just typed that, but there it is)

Several of these are covered in the article. With his other ones, we could make ten. I'm sure all of us together (fandom-wise) could make a list of HUNDREDS.

NO, Kuzui's, NO! Go find something else you're only nominally a part of and gut THAT.


Cheney Backs Gay Marriage

He's still Satan. He's just a slightly less homophobic Satan. It's typical of the right, actually. He only feels like this because his daughter is gay. I remember my mother telling me a lot of stories about when she was coming of age in the 60's, rich women could always get abortions, even though they were illegal. Hypocrisy, they name is self-righteous right wingers!

I don't think basic human civil rights should be a state by state issue, personally.


Now this "re-booting" shit is just getting ridiculous. WRITE SOMETHING ORIGINAL, HOLLYWOOD.


I've decided to give PORN BATTLE VIII a shot. I haven't written anything in YEARS, but I can do 2500 words as long as nothing horrible happens between now and June 15 *knocks on wood*. I think I'd like to try a new fandom, AND maybe something Buffy/Angel-verse. We'll see.

If you want to see something B/A (or whatever *G*) from me, go over there and comment -- you can do it anonymously if you want. I'm willing to write PORN! in the following fandoms/pairings:


B/A (duh)

Being Human: I'll try anything, but it will go better for you if it involves Mitchell. *G* I'm fond of Mitchell/Annie, myself.
SPN: Dean/Castiel
Merlin: Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Lancelot, Morgana/Gwen
True Blood: Eric/Sookie, Sookie/Tara, Sookie/Pam, Pam/Eric/Sookie
HP: Remus/Sirius

I dunno, try me on something and maybe I'll give it a shot. *G* I get to choose whatever prompts I want to write.


What is "Biblical Marriage?"


Okay, I'm off to watch the Glee pilot again, because I wasn't watching it closely the first time, and all the SQUEE makes me feel like I missed something. :D

I hope everybody had the most FABULOUS day they could possibly have!

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