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RIP Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Thank you for the Special Olympics.


You guys, THIS is what the much reviled "Club Nice" is all about: DBAD - DON'T BE A DICK.

Seriously, how much better would our planet be if we were just NICE to each other? BEING KIND DOESN'T HURT.


Had the weirdest dream last night -- 1st great love and last great love, and me in a gym? Like a high school gym, eating at a salad bar. I lost my shoes, missed the bus, and had to get a ride home with the latter in his Lamborghini (which, uh, he so doesn't have. Although he had a sports car once upon a time. He used to be such a label conscious yuppie.). Oh, and former wanted to go dancing, but only at a "rainbow kind of place." Dudes... WTF?


I think I end up taking this book nerd meme a couple of times a year.

The BBC believes most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books here. How do your reading habits stack up?

Instructions: Look at the list and put an X after those you have read. Tag other book nerds.Read more... )

You know, I suspect all my book nerd friends have done this already -- probably several times, like me. So I'll just randomly tag some. *G* [ profile] divajess, [ profile] yourlibrarian, [Bad username or site: @]


Top SIXTEEN awesome women of fandom! Come by and vote for your favorites! Come on, guys -- ELIZABETH BENNETT IS BEATING FAITH! Do not allow this travesty to happen! Plus, Miss Piggy and River Tam are NECK AND NECK -- do you know what Piggy will do if she loses?


Damn picky ass dragons! So... As you can see, I have a couple new adults in the pen! The silly, fat pink one is Andy Bellefleur, and the lovely purple one is Pam Ravenscroft (Another female! YAY!) Well, the first thing I did with Pam was try and mate her with Rosey... and you might be able to guess what happened. They "wouldn't go anywhere near each other" WTF, you guys? I want a pretty purple and pink dragon! *sigh* Well, we'll just have to try again next week.

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A very happy birthday to [ profile] marcasite! I hope you have a great one!



We're down to the top 32 ladies now, and OMG THE CHOICES ARE DEVESTATING! I mean, Princess Leia vs. Professor McGonagall? Martha Jones vs. Eowyn? Kaylee vs. Scully? And the one that gave me half a stroke was RIVER TAM VS. AERYN SUN OMGZ!

So please, come on by and represent! But watch out for Miss Piggy and her fans, they SHE BITE(S)! ;)


You know how I can tell girly TMI )

So. Somebody please send Midol. Dudes, I sent an email to CBS, I was so upset.


OMG! One of my [ profile] trueblood100 drabbles won second place for the week! *dances* It was for "Dig", the one about Jessica, for the prompt "Dark." Yay!

You drabblers who are also True Blood fans should come and play! You get pretty prizes. *G*

Of course, [community profile] drabble still gives the best prompts. I've been saving them, but I haven't posted any in weeks. I need to get on that.


I don't know why, but BOY am I tired today. I don't think I slept very well last night, and then with the hormone rush today, I'm ready to go to bed at 8:30 pm. I mean, there's nothing stopping me FROM going to bed now, I just don't want to. I still have to work on the [community profile] kink_bingo story for today. It's getting toward the end, but I just don't know if I have it in me. So to speak. *G* I don't want to get into the habit of not meeting the every other day deadlines, because I'll never catch up if I do. Plus, I'm doing rewrites on the one I finished yesterday, on which the awesome [ profile] igrockspock gave me some really helpful notes that will make the story a lot better in the end.

Blargh. *yawn*

Okay, I'm going to try and watch ONE episode of Star Trek, give at least a pass over both current Kink stories, and then I think I'll head off to bed. But before that...


AS THE DRAGONS... shit, I still can't think of a good name for this. Please click the Eggies and send them Female vibes -- for poor Jessica's sake if nothing else!

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Some of the choices are brutal, so good luck! Both Buffy and Faith made it, but I don't think anyone else I was really, REALLY rooting for did.



When last we left our heroes, we discovered that Pinky was probably gay, and/or Jessica is just not into pink dudes. Shame.

Look! I got a new egg!

Adopt one today!

Please click hir so s/he will grow! :D

No mating for a few days, apparently. *sigh*


Taken from my new friend [ profile] clevermonikerr!


Comment to this entry with any fandom. If I'm knowledgeable enough in the fandom to have ships, I'll tell you one non-canon ship I like, one canon ship I like, and one ship I really don't like (either canon OR fanon). Then post this in your own journal to offer up the same responses.

I'll try anything once. *G*


This one taken from the lovely [ profile] ladyoneill!



OMG U GYZ! I'm all addicted to Star Trek TOS and shit. I had no idea it had such a dry, sarcastic sense of humor about itself. I mean, the sexism and racism is icky, but I bet still better than most shows of it's day. Or so I imagine, since there are people of color on there AT ALL, and women in uniform (skimpy though it may be, they're officers), and my knowledge of TV in the 60's is pretty limited to this and Batman.



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Give love to the ladies of fiction!

Please support your favorites! (I'm especially trying to campaign for some of the underdogs I love -- Buffy, Zoe, Uhura, Aeryn, and Starbuck ain't in much trouble of being forgotten. ;) I'm rooting especially for:

Buffy Summers (of course)
Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)
Pam Ravenscroft (True Blood)
Rachel Morgan (Kim Harrison's Hollows Series)
Bette Porter (The L Word)
Tara Thornton (True Blood)
Eve Dallas (J.D. Robb's In Death Series)
Irina Derevko (Alias)
Moya (Farscape)
Sydney Bristow (Alias)

LOL You get the point. Please go through all the pages and support your favorite -- or nominate her if she's not there!

Don't forget, Saturday is International Day of Femslash! I'm currently working on some Fuffy Icons for [ profile] idf_iconathon and a story to match!

And while we're on the topic of awesome ladies, I want to draw MUCH more attention to [ profile] matrithon -- a ficathon to honor those awesome ladies OVER 40 in fiction. If you're interested in writing a story about an awesome lady of a certain age who kicks ass, Come by and claim a prompt (or three) and a due date (or three)!


HEY! Photobucket dumped my animation of Alex Skarsgard in the shower! You can't see his Business, I don't know what the hell is so offensive about it. I'm going to try and find someplace else to put it so I can share it with you. (It's a huge pic, I'm not uploading it to my teeny free web host.)

Cut because it's a HUGE file and a very sexy naked man. *G* )

Let's see how long it lasts at Tinypic. *G*


Heh. It's kind of ironic, ending a post about women characters with an animation of a hot naked guy. Ah, bisexuality, you rule. *G* Now I'm off to feed my new addiction to Gossip Girl. I know, I know. Hey, I never said I was highbrow!
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Sung to the tune of Frosty the Snowman, of course. So that would make it... Duckie the Hump Fen? Heh.


Okay, the sentiment is disturbing, but the cat is hilarious!


Speaking of LOLCats, I'm completely addicted to -- it's like a special home for LOLAddicts.

Like this: A Day in the Life of a Cat vs. a Dog )

Hahahahahhahahaha. I am so easily amused.


I am also easily distracted. You know what I spent most of yesterday doing? Alternating between reading the LOLCat Bible and the Adam Lambert Appreciation Thread @ [ profile] ontd_ai, which breaks the freaking internetz every five minutes. It's insane fan time over there, ya'll -- there's sparkly penises and Lambert macros all over the place. It's madness! ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY NINE PAGES of comments at last count. (Um, make that 147 157.)

THE LINK IS NSFW! Sparkly peen and giant foul words abound!


I've had two movie passes sitting around for almost a year -- they're still good for another year, but there are so few movies I think are worth the trouble of a theater. And I mean VERY few. In fact, I prefer watching most things on DVD in the comfort of my own home, with my own food, in my own jammies or whatever. But I am DYING to see that new Gerry Butler rom-com... even though I'm sort of meh on Katherine Heigel, and the rom-com genre died a long time ago, I LOVE GERRY THAT MUCH MORE. I thought maybe I could make an afternoon of it -- go see HP at the first matinee, and then go see the Gerry movie after.

But ugh, the idea of spending that much time in a movie theater does not make for a happy Duckie. I really want to see HP in the theater -- I always do -- but the chairs are uncomfortable, and bringing your own food is like sneaking weed on an airplane flying out of Jamaica bringing your nail clippers on a plane. And I am NOT spending $20 (which I don't have anyway) for a cup of crappy popcorn and flat soda.

Oh, the dilemma! I mean, I do have passes... and I don't HAVE to have snacks...


DON'T MISS the Home Team 2009 Awesomest Female Character Matches! Make sure to vote for Buffy! CLICK HERE FOR HER THREAD -- this is just the nomination round, so stay tuned for more! I actually nominated a few characters (Bette Porter, Aeryn Sun, Rachel Morgan, Eve Dallas) and voted heartily for a bunch of others besides our B. Please check it out. As much as I love Adam and think he is totally the HBIC? He really shouldn't win a contest meant to find the most popular FEMALE.


So... I signed up for [community profile] kink_bingo. You guys know I'm so vanilla except for some bloodplay and D/s Bondage fun, so this is REALLY reaching outside my comfort zone. I'm going to TRY for a blackout -- that is, writing a 500 word story for all 25 kinks, but... there are a few on there that are kinda squicky to me. (Hello watersports. *shudder* I'm so sorry to anybody who enjoys it -- this isn't a judgment, it's just not MY kink. They always say, one woman's kink is another woman's squick and vice versa!)

Then again, there are a few that don't squick me, but that I don't really get, you know? One in particular is humiliation. I'm reading about it, read a couple of fics about it, and I think I get some of the psychology of it, but as it's not my kink, I can't really be sure. I don't know. Anyone who can give some insight, email me on the DL ducksfanfic at gmail dot com. I won't share your name.

Anyway, when I start writing the stories, I'll put up a post with my bingo card so you can follow along if you're so inclined. *G* Meanwhile, I have to get back to my Kradam fic, as that's coming up soon! Although first I need to finish my TB commentary -- I just watched the episode again, and it was SO GOOD. Man, if you love vampires and you haven't checked out this show, you really, really need to.


Please click mah bb's. (Yeah, I've just given in to the stupidity Life is easier that way.)

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