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This turned out very amusing on [ profile] woman_of_'s journal, so I'm going to try it. Anybody who's bored today, help me out!

1)Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2)Ask your flist to post questions in the comments. For example: 'One, nine and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?', 'Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?', 'Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?'

3) After your flist has asked enough questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

Get to it, kids! ;)
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Copied from [profile] suricattus, who got it from her friend [personal profile] fastfwd. This should be a meme, imo!

"I need a Favor."

I mentioned this in a response to a previous post but I've decided to give it a post of its own because 1) I'm getting old and I'm repeating myself, but especially 2) I'm getting old and I'm repeating myself. So:

Today, I would appreciate it if you'd give some encouragement to someone who needs it. Think of someone you know, maybe close at hand--in the same house, even--or someone you haven't had time to talk to lately--and let them know they're important to you, they make a difference. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture; you don't have to get any mushier than you're comfortable with. It can be something as small as calling them up and telling them a joke; emailing them a funny photo, a cartoon, or an article (or a link to an article) that caught your eye and maybe made you think of them for whatever reason. Or you can turn to your partner (or partners) and tell them once again why they make your life worth living.

Hell, do something nice for yourself because I said so, because I'd do it for you if I could be there.

And if you're a procrastinator, great--do it tomorrow, or the next day, because it's nice to have something good to look forward to.

It doesn't have to be big. Just be a bright spot in someone's day. A life-savour, so to speak. You can do it for a total stranger if you like--I'm not fussy. But it occurred to me this week that we take the people in our lives for granted sometimes--OK, I do that sometimes, but I don't think I'm the only one.


I don't usually do these things, except this one seems to have a lot of comparatively "older" fans involved. And that always makes me happy. :D And I already made few awesome new friends there today!


You know what I TOTALLY just got about the Supernatural S6 premiere? Dean faced off with his ARCH NEMESIS, the EVIL Yorkshire Terrier again! It was the thing in the tool shed that he found and Lisa mocked him for almost shooting. Remember when he was paranoid back in 4.06 "Yellow Fever"? That one had a cute little pink bow in its hair, though.


30 Days Memes, DAY NINE

True Blood )
Angel )
Buffy )

All the Days: True Blood )
All the Days: Angel )
All the Days: Buffy )
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Don't you want to do all three to guys sometimes? Anyhoo.

Gotten from my beloved [ profile] nyxocity
1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people
2) Post this meme to your LJ with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of the 3 people.
4) Label whom you would shag, marry and shove off a cliff.

Nyx gave me Sam, Castiel, young!Dean, because her brain is mostly sadistic SPN mush. *smorshes her*

And so... )
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RIP Les Paul, musician and creator of some of history's greatest guitars. Ninety four years is a good, long life.


You know... I think I may be becoming a low-level plebe Trekkie. Because this announcement actually made me SQUEE:

Jane Land's Star Trek NovelsRead more... )

I should probably qualify that I'm more a Feminist/Female-Centered Trekkie -- I'm more interested in the female characters than the males. Not that I don't love Spock and Jimmy T. and the other boys on the bridge, but my heart lies with Gaila, Uhura, Chapel, poor misused Yeoman Rand and Number One.

ANYway, if that made you as excited as it did me (I downloaded them both. I don't care, I'll lug my laptop to bed with me to read them!), you can find the links toward the bottom of the Open Doors Project here: They also have an awesome collection of vintage Kirk/Spock slash from the 70's, if that's more your thing!

See, this is why OTW is so important! They're working to give fannish history a permanent home so it can't disappear like so many of our great sites did in Buffy fandom. Drop by and see how you can help!


I AM STUDIOUSLY IGNORING ANY AND ALL SPOILERS and/or PREVIEWS FOR ANY AND ALL OF MY SHOWS. I've discovered that my viewing life is much MUCH happier when I don't have any clue what's coming.


Hooohahahahahaha! OMG this killed me! My, My Spock Couldn't Let It Go by [ profile] zephtastic -- Spock gets addicted to ABBA, and everybody suffers. Except McCoy. LOL Hilarious!!!!


So, you guys all know I share a home with my folks. My mother runs the place like the crazy (but mostly harmless) passive-aggressive tyrant that she is. When the folks are gone, you know what my rebellions are? I leave the dishes in the sink OVERNIGHT! *gasp* I don't scrub out the catbox EVERY TIME I CHANGE IT! OMG! I have nachos for dinner! I stay up until 5 am and sleep all day! I don't get the mail until EVENING! I drink AN ENTIRE POT OF COFFEE ALL BY MYSELF! I AM SUCH A REBEL!

My teenaged self would die of shame. LOL


Copied from [personal profile] spiralleds:

liz_marcs has a post here that will direct you to one of two posts. One is asking for American's experiences with insurance as the system currently exists. The other is asking for those to live in countries with socialized medicine to share their experiences. Share if you can share on either side. And even if you don't have someone to share/don't want to share, it's an eye opening read.



Diversity Icon Meme -- I thought this was interesting. (These are my LJ icons, not DW)

Total # of Icons: 118
# Icons Featuring Female Characters Alone: 15
# Icons Featuring Male Characters Alone: 26
# Icons Featuring Het Pairings (friends or romance): 16
# Icons Featuring F/F Pairings (friends or romance): 6
# Icons Featuring M/M Parigins (friends or romance): 8
# Icons Featuring Mixed Gender groups of 3 or more: 9
# Icons Featuring People/Characters of Color (GAILA DOESN'T COUNT): 17
# Icons Featuring Women of Color (AGAIN, GAILA DOESN'T COUNT): 11

Some counted in more than one category. The rest were divided between text, animals, and symbolic icons. Although only 17 of 118 of my icons feature people/characters of color (which is embarassing), at least the majority of those include WOMEN of color.

Anyway, food for thought.


Hilton wants us to think he's a Top? Hahahahahaha. No. Adam? Certainly.

Now I hope to never have to think about Perez Hilton having sex again as long as I live.

Adam... now that I don't mind one little bit. *G* Especially with a wee little American Idol champion from Arkansas...


And in closing: DRAGONS!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Hoinked from [ profile] turquoisetumult

List the first ten series that come to mind. Your friends will comment with the character from each series that they think you are most like.

01. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
02. Dollhouse
03. Angel
04. True Blood
05. Merlin
06. Star Trek XI (the new movie)
07. Supernatural
08. Harry Potter
09. Firefly
10. Lord of the Rings

I can't wait to hear these. *G*


EGGIES! Please pet them if you get a chance.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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OMG this B/A fic totally made me cry in a good way. Penstrokes and Snowflakes by the delightful [ profile] clevermonikerr was just exactly the fluffy sweetness that I needed to cheer me up the other day. If you haven't read it yet, do. *sigh*


Swiped from [ profile] originalpuck
Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!

1. Angel
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. True Blood
4. Firefly
5. Mystery Science Theater 3000

Here Are the Questions )


You guys, I got NOTHING done today. WTF? I'm trying to figure out where the time went. I took some notes on my ongoing [community profile] kink_bingo extravaganza, typed a few lines on some unfinished B/A fic, read a few short fics, went to AO3 Tester Training, watched two episodes of TOS (one while eating dinner), did a little community revamping (opened [community profile] ducksfanfic and [community profile] buffy_angel at Dreamwidth. Made a couple of Gaila graphics...

Yeah, I see where the day went. Sigh. I just can't be trusted to manage my own time properly.



Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Some of the choices are brutal, so good luck! Both Buffy and Faith made it, but I don't think anyone else I was really, REALLY rooting for did.



When last we left our heroes, we discovered that Pinky was probably gay, and/or Jessica is just not into pink dudes. Shame.

Look! I got a new egg!

Adopt one today!

Please click hir so s/he will grow! :D

No mating for a few days, apparently. *sigh*


Taken from my new friend [ profile] clevermonikerr!


Comment to this entry with any fandom. If I'm knowledgeable enough in the fandom to have ships, I'll tell you one non-canon ship I like, one canon ship I like, and one ship I really don't like (either canon OR fanon). Then post this in your own journal to offer up the same responses.

I'll try anything once. *G*


This one taken from the lovely [ profile] ladyoneill!



OMG U GYZ! I'm all addicted to Star Trek TOS and shit. I had no idea it had such a dry, sarcastic sense of humor about itself. I mean, the sexism and racism is icky, but I bet still better than most shows of it's day. Or so I imagine, since there are people of color on there AT ALL, and women in uniform (skimpy though it may be, they're officers), and my knowledge of TV in the 60's is pretty limited to this and Batman.



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For those of you who are new to the madness that is Ducks, Tuesday is my BAD DAY. It was back when I used to work full time, and it has yet to redeem itself since. I call Tuesday my Bane. I HATE Tuesday.

Okay, that's a little dramatic. Today was just kind of bleh. But still, it's TUESDAY'S FAULT.


Hahahaha. Okay, as it turns out, sLut the Magic Dragon is a male. And so, his name will therefore be James T. Kirk. Say hello, James! (Actually, it's JimmyTKirk, because some actual Trekkie beat me to James T.)

Adopt one today!


MEME! I was tagged by [ profile] bradeatspeeps, who would be the first person I would tag, and so now I have to rethink MY tag list, dammit!

First: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.

Second: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

Read more... )

Everybody's so busy lately! I tag [ profile] vivier, [ profile] fangbanger4eric, [ profile] goddessrockgeek, [ profile] little_linds, [ profile] lunar47, [ profile] stormiejs, [ profile] lizardjee, and [ profile] ragdolll.


My full time job for the past couple of days has become AVOIDING any and all posts about the Supernatural and True Blood Panels at ComiCon. I do not want to be spoiled for the rest of this season of TB AT ALL, so if you saw it in that video clip, or heard it in the panel, please don't mention it around me or on [ profile] trueblood_squee without AMPLE warning! Please. *G*

Of course, I'm very generally spoiled about Supernatural (vague season direction, casting, etc. I know there are Read more... ) but I don't know the details. With SPN, I don't mind so much getting a little spoiled -- it's the journey that's fun. But with True Blood, baby, I will EAT YOUR FACE if you spoil me. The shocks, twists and turns on this show are half the fun (the other half being my favorite characters, of course. Hi Eric! Hi!).

Anyway. /whine


Ugh. Did I say I was done whining? Because apparently, I'm not. I went to my two doctors' appointments today, and have MORE medication I have to take and MORE tests that have to be run, none of which have anything to do with my current Crohn's issues. It was 80 billion degrees with 500 percent humidity out today, and when I got home, I took my new nasal spray (which seems to really work, btw), and now I am ZOMBIE LIKE. I wanted to get some writing done or SOMETHING, but... I just don't see it happening. I should at least scrawl down some words, I can fill out the flesh tomorrow.

But man, who thought a nasal spray could make you all bablbalbalblalblblbl? (It's Astepro, for anybody who's curious.) I'll spare you more Medical TMI until I have something definite to share.


Now that they're all grown up, I want to consider mating. The only female is Jessica, the first red. Should I mate her with one of the pink guys, or Swirly, the green guy, or her own kind, sLutty JimmyT?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Let's not forget the principles this Country was founded on: Freedom, equality, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And let's not forget how many people, in our own country and around the world, DO NOT HAVE THESE THINGS.

Enjoy your pig parts.


You know, I'm so glad for my dad (rhyme!) getting his cataracts taken care of. He's very excited about how sharp and colorful his vision is, and I haven't seen him so happy about anything in quite a while. BUT JEEBUS H. TAPDANCING CHRIST ON A CRUTCH, why does the eye doctor NEVER see him after 9 am? WHY? WHHHYYYYYYYYYY?

I know, I got up at FUCKIN' A in the morning every day for years, but I never did it happily, and I never wanted to have to do it again. Eh, I'm just whiny because I couldn't sleep last night. The CPAP mask, which has been behaving fairly well of late (and now I just totally jinxed it) spent all last night pooting and farting and squeaking until I snarled at it and turned it off.



Fandom Meme Seen Here and There: Pass it on!

Give me a fandom (or 2 or 5) and I'll name:

Favorite character:
Least favorite character:
Character with the best hair:
Character with the best eyes:
Character with the best smile:
Character I'd most want to kiss:
Character I'd most likely have sex with:
Character I'd make lunch for:
Character I'd go singing in the rain with:
Character I'd go shopping with:
Character I'd go dancing with:
Character I'd take over the world with:
Character I most want to see more of:
Favorite pairing:
Least Favorite pairing:

Now post this in your journal!

Go ahead, gimme some.


Okay, Weeds is the funniest fucking show I've seen in a good long time. Unfortunately, it also makes me sad that I have no weed. *sigh* It's also a really sad story. Good, but sad. And funny.

I'm about half through Season 2 now, and I think I have a new favorite show. I forgot to post this last night, I was so involved.



Sounds like an orgy at a con, doesn't it? *G*

Don't forget, today through Midnight on Monday:

BUT WAIT! NOW THERE'S EVN MOAR FEMSLASH! *jiggles. a lot* It's the:


Come on, ladies, let's show the ladies.... how to show... the ... other ladies? Some love.

Okay, look, I'm not a slogan writer, okay? ;) RITE MOAR FEMSLASH!

Now I'm off to write the completely random Megan Fox/Olivia Wilde RPF I'm working on. *G*


Finally: PRETTY DRAGONS! You may pet them, they don't bite. Unless you ask nicely and buy them dinner first. ;) Also please pet Eggy, as s/he needs to grow into a female so I can breed her with one of the fellas. Oh my Goddess, I can't believe I'm breeding imaginary dragons. Oh well. It's not the weirdest thing I've ever done around here.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I just realized, probably half the people on my FList don't even know who the BCR are. Hee. I was never a huge fan, but a good friend of mine was. We would put on their records (on her analogue record player that looked like a denim box) and dance around singing and wishing we could wear our roller skates in the house.

I have to say, I'm blessed to have had such a fun, easy childhood. I mean, after the life-threatening disease was taken care of. But I don't even remember that (I was 4 when I had the open heart surgery to fix it) so it doesn't really count. *G*

Boy, I'm all Personal Details Girl today, aren't I?I get babbly about my sleeping habits under here for some reason... )


So ANYWAY... Speaking of LOLCats... and Naps, coincidentally. )


Okay, guys, if you like to write drabbles, you SERIOUSLY have to join us over at [community profile] drabble on DW! [personal profile] crevanfox comes up with the most AWESOME prompts, and turns me on to all kinds of poems, plays and literature that I never would have known about otherwise to boot! Seriously, this weeks prompts involve SPOOFS ON MACBETH. Seriously, go look. I'll be laughing (and thinking and writing drabbles) all day. There's no end date on the prompts, so if more than one come to you, you can keep going (which I do all the time) -- we need more than just the two or three of us to make things REALLY interesting, though. *G*

YOU ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY MUST, AT THE VERY LEAST, READ THE SKINHEAD HAMLET (the Oi! kind, not the Nazi kind). I think I broke something laughing. Here's the last few lines:

FORTINBRAS: No kidding. I see Hamlet's fucked.


FORTINBRAS: Fucking shame: fucking good bloke.

HORATIO: Too fucking right.

FORTINBRAS: Fuck this for a lark then. Let's piss off.



Hey, you know what else June is besides Pride? It's Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat-Month!

I adopted my sweetie pies in May, but I celebrate all the time. Believe me, if I had my own home, I'd have two more cats, and two dogs besides. I hear people have been dumping their animals at shelters because they're too expensive to keep in this economy, and it really makes me sad. My family is barely getting by, but we would much rather have our furry friends living with us than have, say, cable TV. Just sayin'.


Stolen from [personal profile] heathershaped

That Interesting Ship Meme popping up all over the place... )


Don't forget to say hi to my eggs. Looks like the pink one is hatching! Yeah, I know, I know...

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Wallpaper Meme goinked from [personal profile] cerisaye:


01. Post this meme along with your current wallpaper.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

Click to enlarge:

Five sentences? Um... 1. KITTIES! 2. This picture makes me smile every time I see it. 3. KITTIES! 4. They look so sweet, but in reality they're about to have a fight over who gets the chair -- it's a reminder that things are not always the way they seem! 5. KITTIES!

I know, that's cheating, but... KITTIES!

My favorite part of this meme is actually see what programs everybody has on their desktop. *G*


ANOTHER MEME! SHEESH. This one is more serious.

Privilege Meme )

Well, yes, it's important to be aware of how you are privileged, but NOW WHAT? That's what I always end up with coming out of these discussions. I have privilege... and? Can I go back and NOT have gone to summer camp? Should I refuse to accept an apartment or a job because a person of less privilege might not have gotten it? Unpacking my backpack, okay... AND? I don't know. I rarely see any positive effect in this particular discussion. Consciousness is all well and good, but consciousness without a means to act is just spinning your wheels and feeling guilty for things that were not your fault. The best you can do, I guess, is to fight against discrimination however and wherever you can.


DMB Return With Best Album Yet

W00t! That's my boys. However, shouldn't it be "DMB Returns?" It's "Dave Matthews Band," which in this instance is a single entity, not separate individuals. If they named each guy, then it would be "return" -- MIRITE?

But yeah, anyway, this album rocks HARD. I wouldn't say it's their BEST album, but it is fricking amazing! You can check out the album yourself for free at the end of that article, if you're so inclined!


Okay, I usually try to screen the majority of my Adam Lambert squee! from you guys over at [ profile] lambert_ducks, but this video was the CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!

Future Glambert Fangirls of America!


I really tried to watch the Tony awards... I wanted to see some stuff from Hair, and... NPH! But he's... not really funny! WTF? :(

It's still on while I finish this, but... I'm kind of bored with it.


Finally, in closing: THE WORLD NEEDS MORE PORN!

Come get some prompts and MAKE SOME PORN! WHEEEE! Every fandom, every pairing/grouping, any possible kink you can imagine! FUN! (Dudes, there are prompts for Disney Princess porn, for eros sake.) (Weirdly though, my prompts for Buffy/Angel and Fred/Willow didn't make it on there somehow. I guess I'll just have to write them myself!)
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I don't even have an icon bitter and angry enough to suit today.


Okay, New Yorkers -- it's OUR TURN to do the right thing!


MEME TIME! Have you ever... )


Worst People in the World!

Oh, Elizabeth, never stop being a stupid twit mouthpiece for the right wing without having any idea what you're squeaking about. And how is this first bitch not under arrest? She is ACTIVELY PROMOTING AND FACILITATING VIOLENCE, possibly MURDER. Um, this is not protected free speech, imo.


Radio Show Loses Sponsors After Hosts Suggest Beating Transgender Kids

Uh, MOAR PLZ. Personally, I'd like to unleash a small gang of very large men bearing clubs and brass knuckles on these assholes. The very LEAST that should happen is they should lose their jobs. Why aren't people trying to run them out of town like they did Don Imus? Right wing freaks get away with far too much of this shit. Hey, you know where free speech ends? When it actively advocates violence against others. ESPECIALLY children! WTF, people?


Mr. Obama, please stand up. It's all nice that you declared June National LGBT Pride Month and all, but we need some SUBSTANTIAL help here. Don't give me a plaque and some speeches when my friends can not only not get married in most states, they'll get kicked out of the military after long and faithful service because they are other than straight.


John Stewart & The Daily Show Weigh In


I am just completely exhausted and fed up with everything today. It may have something to do with the fact that I got about three hours of sleep, and a nap didn't seem to help, or it could be that GODADDY.COM SUCKS AND COMPLETELY FUCKED ME OVER. After taking my $20 and saying they would fix my domain, they inform me today that they (as I said they had in the first fucking place) SOLD MY DOMAIN TO SOMEONE ELSE. Oh, but they'd be happy to take an even BIGGER fee to buy it back IF IT BECAME AVAILABLE! Cut for incoherent rage and cursing. )

So I am shopping for the impossible -- an EXTREMELY cheap, RELIABLE host with DECENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. So far I've had these recommended:,,,, and (which I really sort of like. *G*) Can you guys recommend any others?

Fuck, it's going to be so much work to get this new info out there to everywhere I've posted it. What really pissed me off is that fucking GoDaddy sold it to one of those Russian domain farms that's not using it, just sitting on it waiting for me to beg for it back at whatever freaking cost they choose to charge. ARGH.

Well, at least I wrote a couple of drabbles today. Only 200 words, but it's 200 words more than what I've been writing lately. What I need is some fluffy porn. Any recs? Fandoms I'm reading: Krambert/Kradam (American Idol), SPN, Merlin, True Blood, B/A (duh), Star Trek '09. The funnier the better. NO ANGST PLEASE. *she said with no irony at all even though she just posted a Dead Angel drabble*

You know what? I'm just going to post this now and go play Glambert Fangirl. As long as I avoid the OMG TEH GHEYZ ignorance, it will be fun.
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The Internet is for POOOOORN! As performed in macros by the characters from the BBC's Merlin! Hee.



So, what trends do you guys notice? *G*




I Can't believe I missed TOWEL DAY! *cries*


I keep getting Karl Urban (Bones in Star Trek 2009) and KEITH Urban (country singer) mixed up. Needless to say, this leads to some confusing moments when reading various headlines.


CPAP still sucks.

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