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Happy birthday to the awesome [ profile] fickledame! I hope you have fabulous day, honey!


Come on. What the fuck, people?


Another Vampire Diaries promo:

You know, between Twitlight and this, I've started to wonder: Why do these vampire guys bother going to high school? I mean... it's frickin' creepy, is what it is. I prefer they lurk. Of course, it's only these magically daytime-safe vampires who CAN go to school, but WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO? It's not like there are truant officers scouring towns anymore. Especially not for guys who are clearly at least in their 20's. The only think I can think of is that they want to stalk high school girls.

Geeze, at least Buffy was the Slayer -- she could take care of herself. I don't know... I think this show might end up being too Twilight Creepy for me. We'll see, I guess.


I'm curious if anyone has invites to An Archive of Our Own? I've been wanting to try it for a while now, and I would love to have someplace to post all of my fic besides LJ and my site. And of course, my site's a big mess, so.... Eh.

Anyway, if you're involved and have an invite, I would love one.


Mmmm. I just had the most delicious Caesar salad. I am appropriately ashamed at the bad environmental karma I collected, because not only wasn't it local produce, it was a DOLE BAGGED SALAD. They were on sale, and I'm really, really broke, ya'll. I was literally dying for some cool, fresh veggies. We almost never have them in our house anymore, as we're waiting for our own garden to be ready for harvest. I was read about, I think it was in New Jersey? That there's a program where people with Food Stamps can spend them on fresh food in the farmers' markets. Man, I would love to do that. Of course, I share a house owned by my parents, and they refuse to disclose their finances, so I can't even GET food stamps. How's that for a Catch-22? *sigh*

ANYWAY, wah wah I'm poor. YUMMY SALAD. I put jalapenos on it, chopped up the one tomato and 1/2 red pepper we had in the house. The salad kit came with "fresh" parmesan that you crumble up, a delicious creamy caesar dressing, and yummy croutons. IT WAS THE BEST SALAD EVER.

Okay, maybe in a really long time, then. Remember the days when I used to go to the steak house salad bar and have Fat Salads for lunch for $5/shot? It was like 3 pounds of Romaine lettuce, baby carrots, pepperoni, shredded cheese, chunky blue cheese dressing, balsamic vinegar, sauteed mushrooms and fresh bread croutons. Mmmm. So yummy and slimy and gross.

Man, I'm hungry for more salad.


Okay, there's just no way to be sad or grumpy after you see and hear this. Borrowed from my friend [ profile] lizardjee, whose son is totally obsessed with it. I don't blame him, actually. :


If you haven't pet my baby dragon yet, please do. She's only got 3 days to grow up before she DIES. Gods, that's horrible! What kind of sadistic game is this? *cries*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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RIP Ed McMahon.


Don't miss this! BUFFY VS. EDWARD!

YAY! That's the ending I've been waiting for. :D


WTF is up with this? I mean, I know the Internet has pretty much eliminated privacy in the world, but this is ridiculous. Some homophobe can just request the names of members of LGBTQ support groups... because? He feels like it? I mean, come on. Why not just line them up against a wall for him so he can harrass them right then and there? He's one of those "ex-gay" freaks, so you know he doesn't have anything good in mind. If I was one of the members in question, I would sure as hell fight tooth and nail to stop him!


Round Two of TwoP's Tubey Awards are open for voting! Make sure your favorite shows and characters get their props!


Dear Alex:

I love you. Please come marry me and make me a Swede.

Love, Ducks.


Wow, Mr. Obama, thanks so much for that! Sneak a few LGBTQ leaders in the back door for an unpublicised "meeting," while still refusing to change or even acknowledge the offensive language of the DOMA defense brief. The hole just gets deeper and deeper and deeper...

A lot of people are saying, "Oh, just be patient! We can't get everything done at once! We have bigger priorities!" Really? Bigger priorities than basic equality and civil rights? Wow, that's pretty big, then. Like I've said before, I don't expect things to change overnight. I'm not asking for DOMA or DADT to be repealed tomorrow (although the White House's refusal to even consider the latter is absolutely ridiculous considering the state our armed forces are currently in), but only that THE OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE IN THE DOMA DEFENSE BRIEF BE REWRITTEN. If they feel like they have to defend the law, FINE, but stop equating same sex marriage to incest and marrying children! Why is that so hard for people to understand? Why do people think LBGTQ people should NOT be UPSET about that characterization?

Frankly, this very issue is a big reason why I don't belong to the RWA (Romance Writers' Association) anymore, either. The last letters section in the organization's magazine contained a scathing letter to the editor talking about how if we allow gay and lesbian romance in the RWA, pretty soon there'd be bestiality and pedophilia and sex between inanimate objectsOMG! The usual right wing slippery slope BS. Fine -- as long as the other side gets to speak. But there's no letters in the next issue, and when letters come back, there's nary a mention of that right wing shite.


Speaking of politics, What the Fucking Fuck is going on in my state? It's like professional fucking capture the flag, or king/queen of the mountain, or something EQUALLY RIDICULOUS, MONEY AND TIME WASTING.

Fire the whole fucking lot of them and start from scratch. What is this, junior high? WTF, NY? If I had two friggin dimes to rub together, I'd move to Vermont. If I had a skilled job, I've move to Canada. This shit is for the fucking birds.
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Happy birthday to my very good friend and fellow writer (and lover of all things dark and creepy), [ profile] umbra_elf! I hope you have a great day, hon!


The dates for this year's International Blog Against Racism Week [community profile] ibarw are July 27 - August 2. I'm definitely going to have a post for it (at least one) -- this year has been a real struggle for me trying to come to terms with and try to change how I deal with my own privilege, and check my unconscious racism.

I know it's not about me. But you know what? Sometimes, for white people, it IS. It's about you and your place in the world, the way you contribute to or fight against oppression and bigotry. You have to look inside yourself and make changes within as much as without. It's as important for yourself as a whole, healthy, loving human being as it is for the people who ultimately benefit from your changes.

Just mho.


WOW! True Blood ratings were phenomenal for a cable show! And this doesn't even count people like me who watch it online or download it because they don't or can't get HBO! W00t!

I've seen a few people complaining, but I've long since learned my lesson about that -- I ignore them! *G* Am I an Eric/Sookie fan and a proud member of Team Eric? Yes. Do I therefore think that there's something inherently wrong with Bill/Sookie shippers and Team Bill or Team Sam people? NO. And I'm staying SIX BILLION MILES AWAY from the brewing shipper wars.

I can smell them that far away, you know. It starts with little barely veiled jabs at the male character you don't like as much, or off the cuff negative things abou tthe other pairing. That's when I click "BACK" and RUN!

Ooh! You know what I'm should do? START A SQUEE COMMUNITY like [profile] spn_woohoo! No negativity allowed!

Speaking of TV Geekery, Have You Voted in the TwoP Tubey Awards yet?


An interesting conversation about the Obama administrations OFFENSIVE defense (oxymoron?) of DOMA between two people I really admire:

There are a lot of things going on in the world right now, but Obama needs to say something SOON to distance himself from this anti-LGBTQ garbage, or he's going to lose what little credibility he has left in the gay community.

Sign a petition to demand the brief be repealed and an apology be made for its content:


Are they fucking serious with this shit? Megan Fox's body as a model of the American Party System? *looks at calendar* What the hell year is this? Thanks, [personal profile] heathershaped for the head's up.

I just... bleurg.

Speaking of objectifying women and rape culture...

There's a fascinating -- and really, really disturbing -- conversation going on at [ profile] cereta's site right now about rape, rape culture, and men's responsibility in the matter. It's so weird (and not in the best way) in the years since I've been out of college and the Women's Studies program, I've become much more deeply involved in gay rights than women's rights specifically (even though the two are inexorably intertwined). It's been a while since I thought about this issue. Anyway, I highly recommend this food for thought.


And just so I don't leave you with such thinky thoughts...

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I'm still excited for True Blood tonight, but... there is so much negativity and betrayal and horror in the news today that I can't seem to get out from under it. The struggle to free the two journalists from North Korea, the kid arrested for horribly killing and mutilating cats in Florida, Obama not only DEFENDING DOMA (against his own campaign promises) but EQUATING GAY MARRIAGE WITH MARRYING CHILDREN AND INCEST along with saying DOMA is a MONEY SAVING MEASURE. (And that fact that there is NOT ONE HEADLINE about this in the mainstream press, only Alt and LGBTQ news!)

That last one just... crushes me. I had such hope and faith in Obama that he was at least honest and would follow through on his most vehement campaign promises... but he is demonstrating time and time again that he is NOT a friend of the Queer community. That just... makes all of his Change rhetoric, his promises to uphold civil rights for everyone... just typical lip service from a typical politician. That fucking breaks my heart, man. All these years I was so cynical about American politics, and Obama made me hope again. I never thought he was a messiah or anything foolish like that. I just thought he was DIFFERENT. PROGRESSIVE.

But viola: I'm just fucking naive, caught with my pants down, asking too much of a bunch of corrupt human beings playing corrupt, un-winnable games, AGAIN.

I'm sorry, I can't even be arsed to put up links. Go check Queerty. Oh, here's one:

And it's flag day, hurrah.

Feel free to discuss. I'm going back to bed.
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I don't even have an icon bitter and angry enough to suit today.


Okay, New Yorkers -- it's OUR TURN to do the right thing!


MEME TIME! Have you ever... )


Worst People in the World!

Oh, Elizabeth, never stop being a stupid twit mouthpiece for the right wing without having any idea what you're squeaking about. And how is this first bitch not under arrest? She is ACTIVELY PROMOTING AND FACILITATING VIOLENCE, possibly MURDER. Um, this is not protected free speech, imo.


Radio Show Loses Sponsors After Hosts Suggest Beating Transgender Kids

Uh, MOAR PLZ. Personally, I'd like to unleash a small gang of very large men bearing clubs and brass knuckles on these assholes. The very LEAST that should happen is they should lose their jobs. Why aren't people trying to run them out of town like they did Don Imus? Right wing freaks get away with far too much of this shit. Hey, you know where free speech ends? When it actively advocates violence against others. ESPECIALLY children! WTF, people?


Mr. Obama, please stand up. It's all nice that you declared June National LGBT Pride Month and all, but we need some SUBSTANTIAL help here. Don't give me a plaque and some speeches when my friends can not only not get married in most states, they'll get kicked out of the military after long and faithful service because they are other than straight.


John Stewart & The Daily Show Weigh In


I am just completely exhausted and fed up with everything today. It may have something to do with the fact that I got about three hours of sleep, and a nap didn't seem to help, or it could be that GODADDY.COM SUCKS AND COMPLETELY FUCKED ME OVER. After taking my $20 and saying they would fix my domain, they inform me today that they (as I said they had in the first fucking place) SOLD MY DOMAIN TO SOMEONE ELSE. Oh, but they'd be happy to take an even BIGGER fee to buy it back IF IT BECAME AVAILABLE! Cut for incoherent rage and cursing. )

So I am shopping for the impossible -- an EXTREMELY cheap, RELIABLE host with DECENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. So far I've had these recommended:,,,, and (which I really sort of like. *G*) Can you guys recommend any others?

Fuck, it's going to be so much work to get this new info out there to everywhere I've posted it. What really pissed me off is that fucking GoDaddy sold it to one of those Russian domain farms that's not using it, just sitting on it waiting for me to beg for it back at whatever freaking cost they choose to charge. ARGH.

Well, at least I wrote a couple of drabbles today. Only 200 words, but it's 200 words more than what I've been writing lately. What I need is some fluffy porn. Any recs? Fandoms I'm reading: Krambert/Kradam (American Idol), SPN, Merlin, True Blood, B/A (duh), Star Trek '09. The funnier the better. NO ANGST PLEASE. *she said with no irony at all even though she just posted a Dead Angel drabble*

You know what? I'm just going to post this now and go play Glambert Fangirl. As long as I avoid the OMG TEH GHEYZ ignorance, it will be fun.

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