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I don't know why with the caps. I just thought I would be randomly enthusiastic about it. Of course, I'm going to start to get easily confused about the days now that finale season is pretty much over. I guess I'm going to have to get one of those "cal-en-dar" all the kids are raving about. They say you can tell what day it is by just looking at it! Technology is amazing!


Hee. For a laugh, how about "Battelstar Galactica - Daybreak" in Facebook Format?

I can't get enough of those. Hee.


They're making a movie out of... Battleship? Really? I have no idea what to say about that.


Upfront Updates

Boo on ABC for cancelling The Unusuals, and a bigger boo to Fox for cancelling SCC! (Although they get one more point back for renewing Dollhouse. I have to confess ambivalence about the decision -- I like Dollhouse, don't get me wrong. It got much more compelling in recent episodes. But overall? I have to say that SCC is a better show.)

I'm curious why the hell Smallville is coming back? I mean... is anybody watching it this season, and for those who DID watch this season, are any of them coming back NEXT season? Justin is hot and all, but really. I've heard stuff about the end of the season that if *I* was still watching (and I have been a casual viewer at best over the years), I certainly wouldn't go on!


I went for a 20 minute walk today for the first time since I almost KILLED myself at the CCFA walk Saturday. But that's what I get for not moving for like, three months. Anyway, I need to remember to write it down at [profile] brand_new_ducks later. That's an LJ link, if anybody is actually reading my DW.


I saw Repo! The Genetic Opera last night and OMGILOVEDITSOMUCH! I mean, it was gross and weird and scary and goth, and it made me laugh and cry and sing (or try to, because I don't know the lyrics yet) and wish I lived in a center of civilization where they have the theater showings complete with shadow players just like my beloved Rocky. MAN that brings back memories. We used to have such a blast getting wasted and going to the Midnight Hour at the Groton Cinema, then going to IHOP for pigouts after. Maybe that's why I had detailed dreams about LOML last night.

ANYWAY, I digress (as old people do). This movie kicked all kinds of cult ass, and if I ever loved ASH before (and I did) I frickin' ADORE him now. Seriously, if you can stand seeing some innards and botched plastic surgery, I can't recommend this movie enough. It's like Moulin Rouge on crack (or, I guess Zydrate. *G*) or Rocky with a distinctly ugly 21st center tone. LOVE.


Does anybody else just sometimes randomly surf Friends of Friends, or the FList of some huge general community? It's fun, and sometimes scary. What do you mean I should be writing? I don't know what you're talking about.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! (aka David Boreanaz) A few years ago, you were a year younger than me, and now you're a year older! Time is funny in Hollywood. *G*


There was so little left of my gray matter to begin with, and now with the BSG super-marathon... the rest seems to have been consumed. I haven't even worked up a response to the SPN finale yet. There's so much I want to say about BSG, it would take me forever, and I definitely like to watch something twice before I really comment, but overall, I loved it. Awesome food for thought, and I have Watchtower going in my head pretty much 24 hours a day now. Great stuff. I just know that I would have been completely junked out over it if I had watched it in real time. As it is, it's the series I've seen recently that has most stuck with me, most kept me thinking, days after it was over.

Which makes me want to start watching from the beginning again RIGHT NOW, but I have other things to do first!


Big news first - TV RENEWALS! Of course, unless things are announced publicly and official, this is all just coming from Ausiello, and he's not ALWAYS right. My comments in red.

Read more... )

Really, as long as SPN was renewed, I would have been okay.


I'm currently watching Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. It sounds like it should be so bad it's good, right? I mean, It stars Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas.

For all the the scenes of, for example, a giant shark jumping out of the ocean to snatch a 747 out of the air for lunch are blissful fun... I just don't know if I'm going to make it until the end. No... I'm at 33:49 and I think it's time to pack it in. Couldn't they just have had a bunch of scenes of the monsters jumping up and eating stuff? That would have been fun. *sigh* So disappointed.

But then there's Otto; or, Up with Dead People. I... don't know exactly what to say besides: gay zombie porn.Read more... )

Medea: "You had me at 'I am dead.' You have the part."

Otto: "The first thing he did was draw me a bath. I tried to tell him that zombies don't take baths, but he insisted."

Medea: "Now raise your hand up out of the grave. Raise it as a protest against all the injustices perpetrated against your kind. Raise it in solidarity with the lonely, and the weak, and the dispossessed of the Earth. For the misfits, and the sissies, and the plague-ridden faggots who have been buried and forgotten by the merciless, heartless, hetero-fascist majority. Rise. Rise!"

I have to say, it ranks right up there as one of the most bizarre movies I've ever seen. I... think I liked it... *looks sort of baffled*

I think I need to go find some more mainstream fare after that. *G* And hey! My subject line is still relevant! BRAAAAINS!

How are you guys?
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I'm just watching a crap bootleg somebody sent me. The movie ROCKS, I can't wait to see it on a full screen. I may even have to gather all the bottles in my neighborhood and pay for a ticket. AWESOME. I swear that was a frickin' GREAT movie, and honestly, I've never been much of a Trek fan. I mean, I dug TOS in a kitschy sort of way, liked TNG well enough (*waves to honey Patrick Stewart*) and never had feelings one way or the other for DS9 or... the other ones that I can't even remember right now (!) but this was frickin GRRREAT!

I think Bones is still my favorite -- he was in TOS too. Such a dreary smart ass bastard. But I really enjoyed all the casting (and the cameos). Definitely worth seeing again!

More when I see a better copy. *G*

I had to take a break from BSG during Season 4 (you know which part), because MY GOD can that show get anymore dreary? Do I still need to cut for BSG spoilers? Eh, I'll just avoid details then. Let's just say that it seems like the producer of BSG takes the same NEVERENDING MISERY AND PAIN pills that Whedon does. *shakes fist at Whedon*

I know it's considered good storytelling to just continually torture your characters, and I'm all about that. But shouldn't there be some kind of payoff at the end? A reward? I mean, maybe it doesn't work that way in real life, but personally, I like my fiction realistic, but ultimately escapist.

I think I've had this conversation in various incarnations over the years in assorted contexts. But it keeps coming up!


Let's see, what else has been going on besides overdosing on Battlestar? Um... not much, honestly. STandard housework, doctor's appointments (I go get my breathing machine thingy on Thursday -- hope that'll perk me up a little), forcing myself to write even though I still feel pretty much devoid of any creative spark or passion. Having a bit of a Crohn's flare up, which is ironic, since the walk is this weekend. I'm totally doped up on pain pills. Oh! And pissed off at my so-called "doctor"! I swear he doesn't take me seriously AT. ALL. It's beyond the whole "Medicaid patients are all worthless junkies" routine I got through with my meds. I told him I've been dizzy and nauseous a lot, and that I don't really have good days and bad days... more bad days and worse days.

He says, "It's probably a side effect of your meds. Don't worry about it."

Buh? So... I have to wait until I'm bleeding, unable to eat or get out of bed before I get serious medical attention? What the frak do I have a primary for then anyway, other than make me jump through hoops of fire to get my meds? GRR!

Okay, enough whinging - time for FRINGE! Bow to the cow, ya'll.
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No, really, I swear, I can't stop watching it. I haven't watched my soaps in two days, I barely paid attention to SPN last night because I was thinking about where I left off. I'm absolutely loving this show. What I love best of all is watching it all at once.

See you... in a few days maybe?
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Happy birthday to [personal profile] xanphibian and [profile] marquisleader! Has anybody heard from Green in recent years?


This is an AWESOME idea for Mother's Day!

Hee. I sent one to my mom. I know she'll get a kick out of it.


Word for the Day from lugubrious: mournful; gloomy; dismal.

Yep. That about covers it. MAN. The sun just came out, and THAT made me cranky. And it's not PMS because I already have my frickin period! ARGH.


I got so wrapped up in BSG that I forgot to watch Lost. Woops. Luckily, I can catch it online tomorrow.
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Dude's not telling the fangirls anything they didn't know:

Just how gay are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles?

Why would we send you hate mail, Mr. Gaydar Gun? The actors don't even deny the hoyay!


SQUEEE! *Spoilery for True Blood Season 2*



I'm on about episode 10 of Battlestar Galactica Season 1, which I've seen before, and of course, it's excellent. But I've only seen through the middle of season 2, so it's the stuff from there until the end that I can't wait for! I can't believe I've managed to go all these years without being spoiled, and I haven't really even tried! *G*

I need to re-upload my Starbuck icon, 'cause I loves me that girl!

Short post today. Hope everybody had a nice weekend!

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