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Oh dear TV Gods help me. I just realized that I love watching Power Rangers RPM on Saturday afternoons. It has nothing to do with the fact that the black ranger is hot and the blue ranger is Scottish and adorable. Shut up.

Jail Bait Ranger, ACTIVATE!

My only questions... so far... are 1.) Why is there only one female Ranger, and 2.) Why do they make her wear a little skirt with her spandex outfit? I mean, it's okay to see the outline of the fellas' business, but not hers? Boo, Rangers! Boo!

I can't believe I just typed that entire section. *sigh* I need to go watch some dirty adult entertainment after that. Oooh! True Blood maybe. Speaking of...



I need to rethink my Dreamwidth icons, since there are so few. *sniff* I tried to upload the same major ones here as at LJ, but the problem with that is, I don't comment nearly as much here at DW. The primary use of icons here is for posting. Now, the issue quickly arises that I need to try to keep the same icons at DW as LJ so when I cross post, they both have the same icon. You can see my problem, can't you?



Am I the only person in the universe that doesn't like... no, wait... CAN'T STAND Lady Gaga? All I hear is how awesome and "out of the box" she is, and I'm all... GODDESS PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

There's a new video starring my darling Alexander Skarsgard (Eric from True Blood) that's pretty damn hot in the beginning, but I can only watch it with the sound off. I mean, I loved electro-pop in the 80's (to some degree, anyway), but something about this chick just... bugs me. Is it that she almost seems like a bad Human League or Debbie Harry rip off? I dunno. Anyway, feel free to mute the sound to see Alex in all his hotness.


Oh, a couple of things I wanted to mention: 1.) I started a total Adam Lambert Fangirl LJ, so my squeeing wouldn't get TOO annoying around here. Right now it's mostly a repository for favorite pics, videos, and rants about how stupid people are about sexuality, but if you've got squee, feel free to friend: [profile] lambert_ducks. If we're not on familiar terms, just post some squee in the public post. *G* 2.) I've got a sticky post at the top of my LJ listing the movies I'm watching this year, categorized as "General" and "Horrorwatch/fest '09". Updates to that don't show up on my FL, so if you care, have a look. I'm not really reviewing the films any more than I would here -- a few words of squee, eeek or ew.


Speaking sort of tangentially about Adam, he said in some interview that he's gotten hooked on this particular brand of eyeliner since he's been on American Idol, since that's what they use there (hello, I hope you're getting paid for this little product nudge there Adam honey.). Now, you know me, I'm a total makeup maven (she said with a perfectly straight face -- hey, once upon a time, she had very practiced racoon eyes!), so I went to check it out. It's me by {me}zhgan (gods, I feel fucking pretentious just typing that). Now a sure sign that I am NOT a make up maven in truth was the FRICKIN CORONARY I almost had when I saw the price for that sucker -- $20! TWENTY AMERICAN DOLLARS? FOR A STICK OF EYELINER? SERIOUSLY?

Okay, I know I'm way out of touch. Maybe everybody who wears makeup these days pays twenty bucks for eyeliner. But me, even -- no, ESPECIALLY -- when I wore shitloads of it, I was feeling fancy if I bought a stick of $6 Revlon. My normal brand was Wet-n-Wild -- $.99, baby! Do they still make that crap? Not that it matters. I still have ten year old sticks of the only colors I would ever use anymore. If I could be arsed to wear makeup at all, of course.

Twenty dollars? Really? I bet millions of teens (oh hell, who am I kidding -- I bet half of Adam's really fervant fans are over 30.) have run screaming to the closest me by {me}zhgan *gag reflex* dealer and bought all the black, gray and navy they ever had or will have in stock.

Adam, seriously. You should get a royalty. Talk to Simon about it.


The subject of this post is actually a lie. I have The Band from Hell queued up to watch, but I've been doing other stuff, so I haven't started it yet.

I'm almost afraid to, it looks so bad. I'm hoping for camp-bad, but... the chances of that these days are so slim. *sigh*

Say, would you guys classify Coraline as "General" or "Horror"? I mean... it's kind of kiddie-horror, but it is weird and creepy as fuck. Hm. I'm not sure which of my viewing lists to put it on. I watched it last night. It was... can something be cute and creepy at the same time? And how come I feel like I've asked that question before? Anyway, I liked the cat and the Scotties. Especially the Bat Scotties. My kingdom to anyone who can find a really good bat Scotty icon!

Okay... wish me luck with the movie!
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So... I saw My Bloody Valentine 3D last night, and... well, it wasn't great. I think Ackles is better than that kind of crap, don't you? Read more... ) But other than that... it was not great. I mean, it wasn't Valentine bad, but... it's not a keeper, either. Which is... sort of a weird sentiment, since I do indeed own a copy of Valentine.

You know, I'm going to start keeping track of all the horror movies I watch, whether I actually end up reviewing them or not. I'll call it HORRORWATCH 2009! Dun dun DUUUUNNNNN!

Of course, first I have to remember what I've seen so far, besides this and THE MOST DISTURBING MOVIE EVER (aka Audition).


Okay, I will first confess that I am an Old Skool B/A dinosaur who mostly HATES AND LOATHES the mashed up ship names the kids use today. Bangel makes me want to go down to Dunkin Donuts and get a toasted plain BAGEL with lite veggie cream cheese. But okay, matter of taste, the kids are in charge, whatever.


NO! BAD FANDOM YOUNGSTERS. NONONONONO! *smacks youngsters hands* Bangelus sounds like a frickin' band name with quasi-goth, sexually ambiguous teen boys snogging each other on stage every night. Not that there's anything WRONG with said snogging teen boys -- I realize they are another thing that the kids like today. But I DO NOT WANT TO EQUATE THE DARKNESS OF BUFFY/ANGELUS WITH SNOGGING TEEN BAND BOYS.

So stop it. RIGHT. NOW.


I've been looking for a Merlin icon I like, but half of them are either Arthur/Gwen, which does nothing for me, or of Uther, who I think (although he is the beautiful and forever beloved Anthony Stewart Head) is a foul, rotten, xenophobic ASSHOLE.

What I REALLY want is an Arthur/Lancelot icon, because MEOW. But A good Arthur/Merlin will do.

My search has been fruitful. I even found an Uther icon! As you can see. *G*


Well, see you guys tomorrow!
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Dean/Castiel: I Like Birds by [personal profile] maychorian



I don't know how much you guys know about burning .avi videos to DVD, but I've been really frustrated lately. First of all, the amount of time it takes to transcode and burn one movie is like, eight hours. And even then, when I go to play the disc on several different DVD players and computers, it's all screwed up! I've been trying to burn my SPN Season 3 episodes for WEEKS, and they never turn out right. I watched the files themselves, and though there are a few flaws here and there, overall, they're fine. But the DVD's are all screwed up -- digitized pictures, skipping, freezing, the sound completely off track with the picture. It's driving me NUTS. I really need to get some of this crap off my external hard drive, but I don't want to keep wasting blank DVD's, you know?

Any advice? Oh, and for reference sake, I'm using NeroVision 4 for both the transcoding and burning, and I have had plenty of successes with it, but it seems totally hit and miss as to what will burn and what won't.

Oh, and a more specific question: could doing other tasks while burning effect the quality of the DVD? For instance, if I watch a YouTube or some other video, or if the virus protector is running, could that mess things up?



Thank you to all my friends who contributed to the discussion yesterday. I've compiled a list of movies people mentioned and the 8 films that were mentioned more than once were... )

This discussion got a lot longer than I expected. *G* )

A Different Top 100 Horror Movies, and One I Like Better. )
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Hee. Hoinked from [personal profile] dlgood:

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Spiderman and Walker, Texas Ranger.
The story should use unplanned pregnancies as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

Somebody write that RIGHT NOW!


I've been getting a LOT of requests lately for the books of Something Old in their entirety, since the website is a mess and missing a bunch of links. SO (heh), I've packed the entire series into a zip file. I have no idea the condition of the text and Word docs within, but hopefully they're in good shape. Please feel free to pass the files amongst yourselves, but GO EASY on my bandwidth -- it's a free account. *G*

I swear someday I'm going to fix the SO site itself!


The subject line isn't a tease! I need my horror movie friends to let me know: what are your top 10 (or top 5, if you want) horror movies of all time, and why? By why, you don't have to get all critical or anything, just let me know -- funny, good monster, scary, gory? What's your poison -- so to speak? I'm looking to update my collection, and I want some scary stuff that I haven't seen yet. Try to stay away from really popular flicks like Chainsaw, the Haloween flicks, classic horror (like Hammer) etc. I want stuff maybe I've never heard of. Things out of the ordinary. Pweeeze? :D

Under the cut is the 100 Best Horror Movies according to - Let's make it a Meme! )

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