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Okay, someone needs to explain this to me. In Gmail, you have little link ads above your mailbox that are usually tied somehow to the subject lines of one of the emails. Well... I just got the weirdest, most non sequitor ad I've ever seen. It said "Severus Snape Fan? Watch Glee, this fall on Fox."

Huh? Because... Snape is going to be on Glee? Hee. That would totally rule, but I sincerely doubt it. Google is weird.


OMG You guys, you know what I just realized? This year is the tenth anniversary of both IWRY and Something Old! Okay, I need to do something to celebrate. Is there going to be an IWRY-a-thon this year, because there REALLY NEEDS TO BE! I'm currently in the process of posting ALL the chapters of Something Old to my NEW home (hopefully eventually permanent?) at The Archive of Our Own!

Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be so shocked that this completely slipped my attention all year -- half the time I don't even know what day it is unless there's something on TV. *G* But this has definitely got me thinking.

TEN YEARS, you guys, can you believe it? A DECADE OF B/A. (Well, actually 12 years, but this was a really seminal episode for fandom and fanfic. For those who weren't around back then, there were literally REAMS of fic dealing with the events of IWRY and its actual and alternate aftermaths. It inspired several stories from me, of which SO was just the biggest.)


You know, you find the best shit in random Alexander Skarsgard appreciation threads! This one was from [ profile] ontd:

LogoThere are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Okay, that's just WEIRD. Actually, it's not weird at all. What's weird is that one lives two towns over and about 10 miles away from me, or at least she used to.


So I got up at the dickbase of dawn AGAIN to go see my cardiopulmonary guy. Can someone out there explain to me what the difference is between Pulmonary Medicine and Cardiology? I suppose I could Google it, but it's sort of just an idle question, since I have no doubt Medicaid wouldn't pay for both if they were redundant. ANYWAY, so for the first time in 15 years, someone is actually, ACTIVELY trying to address my eternally chronic sinus problems! I'm actually going to have a sinus CAT scan tomorrow! I have been complaining about constant congestion that almost NOTHING addresses for years now. It's part of the reason I'm still struggling with my CPAP (besides comfort issues, but really, those are bearable at this poin.) I just CAN'T use it if my nasal passages are congested, which they almost always are. He had me dump the crap Claritin D rip off the clinic's had me on for two years that does NOTHING, and is starting me on a regimin of Asotline spray and this thing that's sort of like a net pot, but less gross.

Oh well, at least my crappy clinic referred me to this guy in the first place. I really felt like I received quality health care today!


In closing -- you know a frakking movie ROCKS when it ROCKS HARD even as a crappy Russian cam copy. (Hi STXI! HI! When are you coming out on DVD?) Also, I JUST realized that the actor who plays Scotty is Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead! Wow, how slow am I?

Man, I could watch this flick a thousand times.


Please pet my baby dragon if you haven't already. Here's hoping she's a girl! :D

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Give love to the ladies of fiction!

Please support your favorites! (I'm especially trying to campaign for some of the underdogs I love -- Buffy, Zoe, Uhura, Aeryn, and Starbuck ain't in much trouble of being forgotten. ;) I'm rooting especially for:

Buffy Summers (of course)
Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)
Pam Ravenscroft (True Blood)
Rachel Morgan (Kim Harrison's Hollows Series)
Bette Porter (The L Word)
Tara Thornton (True Blood)
Eve Dallas (J.D. Robb's In Death Series)
Irina Derevko (Alias)
Moya (Farscape)
Sydney Bristow (Alias)

LOL You get the point. Please go through all the pages and support your favorite -- or nominate her if she's not there!

Don't forget, Saturday is International Day of Femslash! I'm currently working on some Fuffy Icons for [ profile] idf_iconathon and a story to match!

And while we're on the topic of awesome ladies, I want to draw MUCH more attention to [ profile] matrithon -- a ficathon to honor those awesome ladies OVER 40 in fiction. If you're interested in writing a story about an awesome lady of a certain age who kicks ass, Come by and claim a prompt (or three) and a due date (or three)!


HEY! Photobucket dumped my animation of Alex Skarsgard in the shower! You can't see his Business, I don't know what the hell is so offensive about it. I'm going to try and find someplace else to put it so I can share it with you. (It's a huge pic, I'm not uploading it to my teeny free web host.)

Cut because it's a HUGE file and a very sexy naked man. *G* )

Let's see how long it lasts at Tinypic. *G*


Heh. It's kind of ironic, ending a post about women characters with an animation of a hot naked guy. Ah, bisexuality, you rule. *G* Now I'm off to feed my new addiction to Gossip Girl. I know, I know. Hey, I never said I was highbrow!
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RIP Ed McMahon.


Don't miss this! BUFFY VS. EDWARD!

YAY! That's the ending I've been waiting for. :D


WTF is up with this? I mean, I know the Internet has pretty much eliminated privacy in the world, but this is ridiculous. Some homophobe can just request the names of members of LGBTQ support groups... because? He feels like it? I mean, come on. Why not just line them up against a wall for him so he can harrass them right then and there? He's one of those "ex-gay" freaks, so you know he doesn't have anything good in mind. If I was one of the members in question, I would sure as hell fight tooth and nail to stop him!


Round Two of TwoP's Tubey Awards are open for voting! Make sure your favorite shows and characters get their props!


Dear Alex:

I love you. Please come marry me and make me a Swede.

Love, Ducks.


Wow, Mr. Obama, thanks so much for that! Sneak a few LGBTQ leaders in the back door for an unpublicised "meeting," while still refusing to change or even acknowledge the offensive language of the DOMA defense brief. The hole just gets deeper and deeper and deeper...

A lot of people are saying, "Oh, just be patient! We can't get everything done at once! We have bigger priorities!" Really? Bigger priorities than basic equality and civil rights? Wow, that's pretty big, then. Like I've said before, I don't expect things to change overnight. I'm not asking for DOMA or DADT to be repealed tomorrow (although the White House's refusal to even consider the latter is absolutely ridiculous considering the state our armed forces are currently in), but only that THE OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE IN THE DOMA DEFENSE BRIEF BE REWRITTEN. If they feel like they have to defend the law, FINE, but stop equating same sex marriage to incest and marrying children! Why is that so hard for people to understand? Why do people think LBGTQ people should NOT be UPSET about that characterization?

Frankly, this very issue is a big reason why I don't belong to the RWA (Romance Writers' Association) anymore, either. The last letters section in the organization's magazine contained a scathing letter to the editor talking about how if we allow gay and lesbian romance in the RWA, pretty soon there'd be bestiality and pedophilia and sex between inanimate objectsOMG! The usual right wing slippery slope BS. Fine -- as long as the other side gets to speak. But there's no letters in the next issue, and when letters come back, there's nary a mention of that right wing shite.


Speaking of politics, What the Fucking Fuck is going on in my state? It's like professional fucking capture the flag, or king/queen of the mountain, or something EQUALLY RIDICULOUS, MONEY AND TIME WASTING.

Fire the whole fucking lot of them and start from scratch. What is this, junior high? WTF, NY? If I had two friggin dimes to rub together, I'd move to Vermont. If I had a skilled job, I've move to Canada. This shit is for the fucking birds.
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Oh dear TV Gods help me. I just realized that I love watching Power Rangers RPM on Saturday afternoons. It has nothing to do with the fact that the black ranger is hot and the blue ranger is Scottish and adorable. Shut up.

Jail Bait Ranger, ACTIVATE!

My only questions... so far... are 1.) Why is there only one female Ranger, and 2.) Why do they make her wear a little skirt with her spandex outfit? I mean, it's okay to see the outline of the fellas' business, but not hers? Boo, Rangers! Boo!

I can't believe I just typed that entire section. *sigh* I need to go watch some dirty adult entertainment after that. Oooh! True Blood maybe. Speaking of...



I need to rethink my Dreamwidth icons, since there are so few. *sniff* I tried to upload the same major ones here as at LJ, but the problem with that is, I don't comment nearly as much here at DW. The primary use of icons here is for posting. Now, the issue quickly arises that I need to try to keep the same icons at DW as LJ so when I cross post, they both have the same icon. You can see my problem, can't you?



Am I the only person in the universe that doesn't like... no, wait... CAN'T STAND Lady Gaga? All I hear is how awesome and "out of the box" she is, and I'm all... GODDESS PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

There's a new video starring my darling Alexander Skarsgard (Eric from True Blood) that's pretty damn hot in the beginning, but I can only watch it with the sound off. I mean, I loved electro-pop in the 80's (to some degree, anyway), but something about this chick just... bugs me. Is it that she almost seems like a bad Human League or Debbie Harry rip off? I dunno. Anyway, feel free to mute the sound to see Alex in all his hotness.


Oh, a couple of things I wanted to mention: 1.) I started a total Adam Lambert Fangirl LJ, so my squeeing wouldn't get TOO annoying around here. Right now it's mostly a repository for favorite pics, videos, and rants about how stupid people are about sexuality, but if you've got squee, feel free to friend: [profile] lambert_ducks. If we're not on familiar terms, just post some squee in the public post. *G* 2.) I've got a sticky post at the top of my LJ listing the movies I'm watching this year, categorized as "General" and "Horrorwatch/fest '09". Updates to that don't show up on my FL, so if you care, have a look. I'm not really reviewing the films any more than I would here -- a few words of squee, eeek or ew.


Speaking sort of tangentially about Adam, he said in some interview that he's gotten hooked on this particular brand of eyeliner since he's been on American Idol, since that's what they use there (hello, I hope you're getting paid for this little product nudge there Adam honey.). Now, you know me, I'm a total makeup maven (she said with a perfectly straight face -- hey, once upon a time, she had very practiced racoon eyes!), so I went to check it out. It's me by {me}zhgan (gods, I feel fucking pretentious just typing that). Now a sure sign that I am NOT a make up maven in truth was the FRICKIN CORONARY I almost had when I saw the price for that sucker -- $20! TWENTY AMERICAN DOLLARS? FOR A STICK OF EYELINER? SERIOUSLY?

Okay, I know I'm way out of touch. Maybe everybody who wears makeup these days pays twenty bucks for eyeliner. But me, even -- no, ESPECIALLY -- when I wore shitloads of it, I was feeling fancy if I bought a stick of $6 Revlon. My normal brand was Wet-n-Wild -- $.99, baby! Do they still make that crap? Not that it matters. I still have ten year old sticks of the only colors I would ever use anymore. If I could be arsed to wear makeup at all, of course.

Twenty dollars? Really? I bet millions of teens (oh hell, who am I kidding -- I bet half of Adam's really fervant fans are over 30.) have run screaming to the closest me by {me}zhgan *gag reflex* dealer and bought all the black, gray and navy they ever had or will have in stock.

Adam, seriously. You should get a royalty. Talk to Simon about it.


The subject of this post is actually a lie. I have The Band from Hell queued up to watch, but I've been doing other stuff, so I haven't started it yet.

I'm almost afraid to, it looks so bad. I'm hoping for camp-bad, but... the chances of that these days are so slim. *sigh*

Say, would you guys classify Coraline as "General" or "Horror"? I mean... it's kind of kiddie-horror, but it is weird and creepy as fuck. Hm. I'm not sure which of my viewing lists to put it on. I watched it last night. It was... can something be cute and creepy at the same time? And how come I feel like I've asked that question before? Anyway, I liked the cat and the Scotties. Especially the Bat Scotties. My kingdom to anyone who can find a really good bat Scotty icon!

Okay... wish me luck with the movie!

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