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24/4/19 19:18
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I'm on my 4th time through Guardian. I would LIKE to write some fic, but watching the show itself is so rewarding. I have no rewatch notes since I'm mostly just squeeing with new viewers. I keep reeling them in. It's MAGIC.
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This Week in Fandom

This Week in Fandom: fans react to the season finale of The Magicians; the Game of Thrones hashtag #DemThrones; a new meme of ship dynamics; and more: http://otw.news/twif108

26 Doctor Who Icons

22/4/19 20:30
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26x Doctor Who icons made for a songset challenge + alternates HERE @ [personal profile] thisbluespirit

rec and some rambling

22/4/19 13:19
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My friend Bee ([personal profile] syriala) just posted her first Guardian fic. It's deliciously angsty. And short, so no big time commitment. It is HERE (please give her love and welcome her to the fandom)

I am SO HAPPY that I got her watching Guardian, and that she's properly fannish about it, and sending me angsty headcanons every day, and I'm just THRILLED. I'm thrilled to be in this fandom and thrilled that Bee is here too, and all of you who are also in the fandom. I am just so happy, yay!

I also got someone else watching. [tumblr.com profile] midnightselphie watched 5 eps last night! And then today I got an anon ask on tumblr asking where to find the Guardian English sub eps. :D

Here's to old friends and new. 🥂✨
(and I am endlessly thankful to [personal profile] mecurtin for getting me here, too!)

I have seen the first 4 eps of Detective L and I am loving it. I don't watch a lot of shows. Well, no, I watch a lot but it's usually the same ole thing. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen Midsomer Murders. It is familiar and Meg (my daughter) likes it, so it's on like all the time. When that's not on, we're watching the same old episodes of British Bake Off on Netflix. Occasionally something else like Mythbusters or Due South on DVD. But it's usually just... nothing new. So for me to watch a new thing is a big deal. I blame Bai Yu.
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This is about 800 words of Weilan. It's OOC but I think I can tweak it and make it make more sense, it just might take time. But here you go if you're interested. It's written for a [community profile] getyourwordsout title challenge.

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icon count : 128
canon : x2, x-men: the last stand, x-men: days of future past
notes : a batch of rogue and kitty pryde icons!

{ Right this way @ [community profile] musemoji }
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Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said

In Five Things, Nrandom discusses time spent with the AO3 committees that deal with tags and policy issues, as well as the fun of flailing in company and learning more about fandom itself. Read more at http://otw.news/things-nrandom-77ccb
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X-Men Dark Phoenix
final trailer (2019)

[ here @ [community profile] axisandallies ]

30 icons

21/4/19 07:41
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24 Animanga: 1 A Place Further Than the Universe, 1 Bloom Into You, 1 Carole & Tuesday, 4 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, 1 Fate/Apocrypha, 4 Fruits Basket, 3 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, 1 Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, 1 Mob Psycho 100, 1 Princess Principal, 2 Revolutionary Girl Utena, 2 Sarazanmai, 2 Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
6 Video Games: 1 Final Fantasy, 5 Kingdom Hearts

here @ [community profile] hunters_chance

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21/4/19 16:04
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Movies | Leon The Professional, Amélie
TV | Orphan Black

the rest are here

dark phoenix saga

20/4/19 13:02
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icon count : 104
canon : uncanny x-men
notes : jean grey in the dark phoenix saga. some icons featuring cyclops, storm, kitty pryde, and wolverine.

{ Right this way @ [community profile] musemoji }

Buffy Icons

20/4/19 13:09
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[17] Buffy Icons
[♥] Comments are love
[X] Posted at [community profile] iconprompts
Credit if you snag


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fic: Cat Cuddles

19/4/19 15:35
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Title: Cat Cuddles
Author: Noiproksa
Characters: Dean & Cas (& Sam)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,900
Summary: Of course, the witch had to turn Cas into a cat – the one animal Dean was allergic to. But that wouldn’t keep Dean away from his cat-sized angel.

Read on ao3

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