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But first, happy belated birthday to [personal profile] helikedmyshoes and [profile] inaravar! Sorry I missed your special day yesterday!


This is sort of some shameless self-promtion and pimping for the awesome new Archive of Our Own - Like the Pit of Voles, only created to serve fandom and protect the freedom of writers to write whatever they will (and not full of so much unmitigated crap, it seems). As opposed to other archives, who serve whatever corporate master controls them (or censors them). AO3 owns their own servers, rather than renting space on some ISP's.

I'm working on moving all of my fic there (from Buffy/Angel to all the dabblings I've had in other fandoms), with the goal of eventually not having to pay for any longer (or worrying about maintaining the pages and links all the time.) I hate having to give up all the pictures I've had over the years, but I just hate dealing with Go Daddy, and honestly, I just don't have the money.

There's already quite a bit up there now, but the main one I wanted to share was that I FINALLY found an intact copy of Something Old: Book 4 and SO 4.5 A BIG FESTIVAL OF SUCK (Caution: There's some serious Anti-Cordelia and Anti-Spike sentiment in that one!), so the first four and a half books and two vignettes are now posted on AO3!

You can find the other stuff I've posted so far HERE!


I am so completely annoyed with PayPal. It's pretty much the only way I get money these days, because it's where my pittance of royalties are sent. Now, since I haven't worked in forever and have every creditor on earth hunting for my fat butt, I no longer bother to keep a bank account -- I don't have any money to put in it anyway. BUT, I can't even get the like, $10 I've accumulated in my PayPal account, because they don't let you pay for things online with YOUR OWN money anymore unless you have a bank account and/or credit card on file -- the latter of which I no longer have either. So! The entirety of my earthly fortune is completely beyond my reach, while I'm sure that PayPal is enjoying making interest off it while it sits there (even if it is, like, $.00002 a year). ARGH.

I confess, I wanted to get a few months of paid LJ time so I could HAVE MORE ICONS! Now that TV season has started, I'm going MAD trying to work with only 15.

I know, how spoiled is that? Well, if it was my only problem, I'd agree with you. I just choose to focus on the lesser problems these days. ;)


Glee S02E02 )


Did I mention I have the VULCAN DEATH FLU? That's what I get for not getting my flu shot in August. *sigh* I always forget that I have a depressed immune system until I get deathly freaking ill. Oh well, it gets me out of hauling wood.

Excuse me while I go ingest another ten pounds of cough drops.


Dear Annoying and Possibly Dangerous Politicians:

I DON'T BELIEVE ANY OF YOU. I THINK YOU'RE ALL FULL OF SHIT. I will vote for the full of shit dickhead I believe likely to do the least damage (i.e. toss kids, the poor, and the elderly) out in the cold, among other things.


Fuck you and your bullshit commercials,



Wow, I'm kind of ranty today. When's the last time that happened? Fft. I actually wrote a really long fandom rant the other day and promptly deleted it, because those wars are long over here in the old folks home. Let the kids duke it out to no avail only to find out years later it was stupid and futile and profited no one but Whedon & Co. They're young and strong, they can handle it. I'm old and decrepit, and I end up in bed for days after a solid fandom rant.

So only happy fluffy bunnies and butterflies in fandom for me nowdays! :D
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I'm very sad to say this, but I think my involvement in True Blood fandom may not be long for this world. The ship wars are heating up, and I'm sick to fucking DEATH already of "OMG BILL/SOOKEH AND OOH THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED IN REAL LIFE!" And "I'm so glad blah blah blah because I don't like the books/I love the books/I hate the show/I love the show. ERICBILLERICBILLERICBILL." BLARGH.

I did this fucking go round once already, and I'm not doing it again. I honestly could care LESS about Bill or Sookie, actually. If they went away and left the rest of the cast, I'd be perfectly happy. I don't hate the characters, but man am I starting to not like their fans. This whole sensation is so deja vu, I'm thinking about dropping all my True Blood communities before the bs completely ruins the show for me. And there is NOTHING worse than a creator who fucking contradicts himself every other time he talks. Been THERE, done THAT and REALLY not interested in doing it again. I'd prefer what I WANT, not what I NEED when it comes to my entertainment, thanks. Either tell the fucking truth or keep your mouth fucking shut.

I also think I'm going to make a rule at [profile] trueblood_squee, if I decide to keep it open: NO SHIPPING. Period. Unless it's Jessica/Hoyt (because who doesn't love Jessica/Hoyt). And no Bill vs. Eric ANYTHING. I'm fucking sick to death of it already, and we're barely just over halfway through the second season. If you love Bill, GREAT, you can say so WITHOUT BASHING ERIC. Love Eric? AWESOME, you can say THAT without dissing Bill. It's fucking annoying, people, and take it from me, IT RIPS FANDOMS APART AND MAKES IT REALLY HARD TO ENJOY THE SOURCE MATERIAL.

Man, I am tired and cranky today. Which is weird because I slept so well and with full CPAP gear for a good 9 hours. Plus, the fam has gone off for a week's vacation...somewhere that is NOT HERE. So now I'm going to get tired and sick? But of course.


I'm going to be TWO [community profile] kink_bingo stories behind if I don't finish the ones I'm working on today. Plus rewrites on the first one. Maybe if I take a nap I can get up and do it after True Blood. I'm still on the lookout for kinky beta readers -- [ profile] igrockspock has been a pretty good sport about my Star Trek kinky stories (I have one more planned), but I can't really ask her to read kink from other fandoms! So here are the kinks and fandom/pairings planned. If you're interested in beta-ing one or more, let me know.Read more... )

Speaking of fic, I've been slowly putting all of my fic up at Archive of Our Own, if you want to check it out and see what's there so far. And please feel free to send feedback to the programming committee if there's something you'd find easier to use -- they're definitely taking suggestions seriously while still in closed beta!


I'm just too pissy tonight for anything else. I only got to watch about 20 minutes of True Blood, and even that annoyed me. I'm going to watch some LotS or maybe Dexter and then just go to bed and FUCK THIS DAY.


Look at my cute new baby dragons!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!



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You know what the major problem is with Weeds? A half an hour once a week is NOT ENOUGH STORY. I mean, yes, they get an AMAZING amount done in a very short time, but it's REALLY frustrating and unsatisfying to be left dangling every week.

That being said, I'm so freaking addicted, I can't stop watching. *sigh*


Cranky today, which is sad, since I just started playing with The Archive of Our Own (aka AO3) that I've been wanting to get involved in for months. I'm starting to archive my fic over there, so everything I've written will be in one place, and eventually I won't have to deal with the hassle of my own website. That is, assuming that this project keeps going forward -- which I really hope they do. I can't stress enough how important the Organization for Transformative Works could be for fandom, especially as the digital copyright landscape gets more and more complicated. You should check them out!

OTW: TOSsed cat needs archive

Hee. My favorite promo pic. *G*

As to why I'm grouchy after getting involved with this interesting project... well, it's old fandom stuff, I guess. It never really goes away, and the wider out in the internet world I wander, the more I run into it. I was reading some great stories at the archive, and one of them linked to the sequel at the person's LJ. They were someone I hadn't run into before, and their stuff was really funny, so I poked around a little bit, like you do. Naturally, I found lots of posts and comments and icons all bashing B/A. I just clicked back and didn't bother reading the story. I didn't see how old some of the comments and stuff were, but... I didn't really care. It made me feel bad, so I ran back here to my Safe Zone to pout. *cuddles FList*

I don't mean to whine like some kind of victim. In the big scheme of things, if that's the worst thing that happens to me all day, then I should call myself frikkin' lucky. Besides, I'm sure if I went to the right places, I would find the same kind of comments about other ships, too. Obviously I'm more sensitive to those about my original OTP (OGOTP? *G*), but man, it just punches me in the gut. I'm glad I'm just staying the hell away from any of that shite in TB fandom. I don't really ship anybody, although I like Eric/Sookie (a spillover from the books, combined with a desire to see a LOT more Eric), but I don't really dislike Bill or Sookie/Bill on the show, and I don't care who they pair Eric with, as long as we get to see his range of personality... and lots of skin. I like to poke good natured fun at Bill because he's so old-fashioned and not cool, but I don't use the funny icons, because I don't want to hurt any of my new friends' feelings, or have them take my jibes the wrong way. I can't remember who coined the term, but I'm Team Eric Who Doesn't Hate Bill (except in the books).

I don't know, the whole encounter just depressed me. I think this writer is funny, and I enjoyed their stuff at the archive -- I should probably just avoid following any links to anybody's journals from now on.

Worst of all, I can't even begin to talk about what happened with Dr. Gates in Cambridge. I mean... DR. GATES. IN CAMBRIDGE. WHERE HARVARD IS. WTF America? Let's just set aside that he's arguably one of the most well-known historical scholars around. Let's forget that he can be seen PRACTICALLY EVERY FREAKING WEEK ON PBS. He's an OLDER GENTLEMAN WHO WALKS WITH A CANE. Srsly, stupid white neighbor? SRSLY? You know what, I don't blame him for being upset and giving the police officer shit. And that he was ARRESTED for it is just... mind boggling. Do you think any of this would have happened to, say, Bill Moyers? I bet you a MILLION FRAKKING DOLLARS that it would not.

W. T. F. America? Post-racial my fat ass.

See why I didn't want to get started?


I killed my first baby dragon by accident recently. Well, I mean, it didn't grow up, and there was a Dragon Cave blackout or something... anyway, please visit the red egg and let's see if we can keep it alive this time. Otherwise, it's really depressing.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

What a bugger of a rotten day! I'm going to go read some Gaila fic. Gaila always cheers me up. And WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T TRY CONVINCING ME SHE'S DEAD, OR I MIGHT EAT YOUR FACE.
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Happy birthday to the awesome [ profile] fickledame! I hope you have fabulous day, honey!


Come on. What the fuck, people?


Another Vampire Diaries promo:

You know, between Twitlight and this, I've started to wonder: Why do these vampire guys bother going to high school? I mean... it's frickin' creepy, is what it is. I prefer they lurk. Of course, it's only these magically daytime-safe vampires who CAN go to school, but WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO? It's not like there are truant officers scouring towns anymore. Especially not for guys who are clearly at least in their 20's. The only think I can think of is that they want to stalk high school girls.

Geeze, at least Buffy was the Slayer -- she could take care of herself. I don't know... I think this show might end up being too Twilight Creepy for me. We'll see, I guess.


I'm curious if anyone has invites to An Archive of Our Own? I've been wanting to try it for a while now, and I would love to have someplace to post all of my fic besides LJ and my site. And of course, my site's a big mess, so.... Eh.

Anyway, if you're involved and have an invite, I would love one.


Mmmm. I just had the most delicious Caesar salad. I am appropriately ashamed at the bad environmental karma I collected, because not only wasn't it local produce, it was a DOLE BAGGED SALAD. They were on sale, and I'm really, really broke, ya'll. I was literally dying for some cool, fresh veggies. We almost never have them in our house anymore, as we're waiting for our own garden to be ready for harvest. I was read about, I think it was in New Jersey? That there's a program where people with Food Stamps can spend them on fresh food in the farmers' markets. Man, I would love to do that. Of course, I share a house owned by my parents, and they refuse to disclose their finances, so I can't even GET food stamps. How's that for a Catch-22? *sigh*

ANYWAY, wah wah I'm poor. YUMMY SALAD. I put jalapenos on it, chopped up the one tomato and 1/2 red pepper we had in the house. The salad kit came with "fresh" parmesan that you crumble up, a delicious creamy caesar dressing, and yummy croutons. IT WAS THE BEST SALAD EVER.

Okay, maybe in a really long time, then. Remember the days when I used to go to the steak house salad bar and have Fat Salads for lunch for $5/shot? It was like 3 pounds of Romaine lettuce, baby carrots, pepperoni, shredded cheese, chunky blue cheese dressing, balsamic vinegar, sauteed mushrooms and fresh bread croutons. Mmmm. So yummy and slimy and gross.

Man, I'm hungry for more salad.


Okay, there's just no way to be sad or grumpy after you see and hear this. Borrowed from my friend [ profile] lizardjee, whose son is totally obsessed with it. I don't blame him, actually. :


If you haven't pet my baby dragon yet, please do. She's only got 3 days to grow up before she DIES. Gods, that's horrible! What kind of sadistic game is this? *cries*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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