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But first, happy belated birthday to [personal profile] helikedmyshoes and [profile] inaravar! Sorry I missed your special day yesterday!


This is sort of some shameless self-promtion and pimping for the awesome new Archive of Our Own - Like the Pit of Voles, only created to serve fandom and protect the freedom of writers to write whatever they will (and not full of so much unmitigated crap, it seems). As opposed to other archives, who serve whatever corporate master controls them (or censors them). AO3 owns their own servers, rather than renting space on some ISP's.

I'm working on moving all of my fic there (from Buffy/Angel to all the dabblings I've had in other fandoms), with the goal of eventually not having to pay for Ducksfanfic.net any longer (or worrying about maintaining the pages and links all the time.) I hate having to give up all the pictures I've had over the years, but I just hate dealing with Go Daddy, and honestly, I just don't have the money.

There's already quite a bit up there now, but the main one I wanted to share was that I FINALLY found an intact copy of Something Old: Book 4 and SO 4.5 A BIG FESTIVAL OF SUCK (Caution: There's some serious Anti-Cordelia and Anti-Spike sentiment in that one!), so the first four and a half books and two vignettes are now posted on AO3!

You can find the other stuff I've posted so far HERE!


I am so completely annoyed with PayPal. It's pretty much the only way I get money these days, because it's where my pittance of royalties are sent. Now, since I haven't worked in forever and have every creditor on earth hunting for my fat butt, I no longer bother to keep a bank account -- I don't have any money to put in it anyway. BUT, I can't even get the like, $10 I've accumulated in my PayPal account, because they don't let you pay for things online with YOUR OWN money anymore unless you have a bank account and/or credit card on file -- the latter of which I no longer have either. So! The entirety of my earthly fortune is completely beyond my reach, while I'm sure that PayPal is enjoying making interest off it while it sits there (even if it is, like, $.00002 a year). ARGH.

I confess, I wanted to get a few months of paid LJ time so I could HAVE MORE ICONS! Now that TV season has started, I'm going MAD trying to work with only 15.

I know, how spoiled is that? Well, if it was my only problem, I'd agree with you. I just choose to focus on the lesser problems these days. ;)


Glee S02E02 )


Did I mention I have the VULCAN DEATH FLU? That's what I get for not getting my flu shot in August. *sigh* I always forget that I have a depressed immune system until I get deathly freaking ill. Oh well, it gets me out of hauling wood.

Excuse me while I go ingest another ten pounds of cough drops.


Dear Annoying and Possibly Dangerous Politicians:

I DON'T BELIEVE ANY OF YOU. I THINK YOU'RE ALL FULL OF SHIT. I will vote for the full of shit dickhead I believe likely to do the least damage (i.e. toss kids, the poor, and the elderly) out in the cold, among other things.


Fuck you and your bullshit commercials,



Wow, I'm kind of ranty today. When's the last time that happened? Fft. I actually wrote a really long fandom rant the other day and promptly deleted it, because those wars are long over here in the old folks home. Let the kids duke it out to no avail only to find out years later it was stupid and futile and profited no one but Whedon & Co. They're young and strong, they can handle it. I'm old and decrepit, and I end up in bed for days after a solid fandom rant.

So only happy fluffy bunnies and butterflies in fandom for me nowdays! :D

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