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Happy birthday, [ profile] lunar47! Hope you have a great one! :D

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY also to President Obama!


So... about this week's Weeds? I'm gonna guess that Nancy tells Senor Sexy Mayor to go fuck himself, yeah? spoiler )

And how about that bathroom scene! It's like EW! and HAHAHAHAAHA and... that's almost kinda hot? All at the same time.


Busy writing today, but of course there are DRAGONS! Look, the new baby grew up! And Guess what? It's ANOTHER BOY! Jeeze, poor Jessica. Well... I need to name the newbie and decide who's going to hit on poor Jess this week!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


21/7/09 22:18
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You know what the major problem is with Weeds? A half an hour once a week is NOT ENOUGH STORY. I mean, yes, they get an AMAZING amount done in a very short time, but it's REALLY frustrating and unsatisfying to be left dangling every week.

That being said, I'm so freaking addicted, I can't stop watching. *sigh*


Cranky today, which is sad, since I just started playing with The Archive of Our Own (aka AO3) that I've been wanting to get involved in for months. I'm starting to archive my fic over there, so everything I've written will be in one place, and eventually I won't have to deal with the hassle of my own website. That is, assuming that this project keeps going forward -- which I really hope they do. I can't stress enough how important the Organization for Transformative Works could be for fandom, especially as the digital copyright landscape gets more and more complicated. You should check them out!

OTW: TOSsed cat needs archive

Hee. My favorite promo pic. *G*

As to why I'm grouchy after getting involved with this interesting project... well, it's old fandom stuff, I guess. It never really goes away, and the wider out in the internet world I wander, the more I run into it. I was reading some great stories at the archive, and one of them linked to the sequel at the person's LJ. They were someone I hadn't run into before, and their stuff was really funny, so I poked around a little bit, like you do. Naturally, I found lots of posts and comments and icons all bashing B/A. I just clicked back and didn't bother reading the story. I didn't see how old some of the comments and stuff were, but... I didn't really care. It made me feel bad, so I ran back here to my Safe Zone to pout. *cuddles FList*

I don't mean to whine like some kind of victim. In the big scheme of things, if that's the worst thing that happens to me all day, then I should call myself frikkin' lucky. Besides, I'm sure if I went to the right places, I would find the same kind of comments about other ships, too. Obviously I'm more sensitive to those about my original OTP (OGOTP? *G*), but man, it just punches me in the gut. I'm glad I'm just staying the hell away from any of that shite in TB fandom. I don't really ship anybody, although I like Eric/Sookie (a spillover from the books, combined with a desire to see a LOT more Eric), but I don't really dislike Bill or Sookie/Bill on the show, and I don't care who they pair Eric with, as long as we get to see his range of personality... and lots of skin. I like to poke good natured fun at Bill because he's so old-fashioned and not cool, but I don't use the funny icons, because I don't want to hurt any of my new friends' feelings, or have them take my jibes the wrong way. I can't remember who coined the term, but I'm Team Eric Who Doesn't Hate Bill (except in the books).

I don't know, the whole encounter just depressed me. I think this writer is funny, and I enjoyed their stuff at the archive -- I should probably just avoid following any links to anybody's journals from now on.

Worst of all, I can't even begin to talk about what happened with Dr. Gates in Cambridge. I mean... DR. GATES. IN CAMBRIDGE. WHERE HARVARD IS. WTF America? Let's just set aside that he's arguably one of the most well-known historical scholars around. Let's forget that he can be seen PRACTICALLY EVERY FREAKING WEEK ON PBS. He's an OLDER GENTLEMAN WHO WALKS WITH A CANE. Srsly, stupid white neighbor? SRSLY? You know what, I don't blame him for being upset and giving the police officer shit. And that he was ARRESTED for it is just... mind boggling. Do you think any of this would have happened to, say, Bill Moyers? I bet you a MILLION FRAKKING DOLLARS that it would not.

W. T. F. America? Post-racial my fat ass.

See why I didn't want to get started?


I killed my first baby dragon by accident recently. Well, I mean, it didn't grow up, and there was a Dragon Cave blackout or something... anyway, please visit the red egg and let's see if we can keep it alive this time. Otherwise, it's really depressing.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

What a bugger of a rotten day! I'm going to go read some Gaila fic. Gaila always cheers me up. And WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T TRY CONVINCING ME SHE'S DEAD, OR I MIGHT EAT YOUR FACE.


7/7/09 22:24
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I'm plodding my way through Weeds Season 4 still. MAN does it drop in quality sometime in season 3. No, you know, on second thought... the quality doesn't change, but neither does the story. It's all, "OMG Nancy's gonna get caught! No she's not! Yes she is! No she's not!" and a premise that was completely hilarious, poignant and charming in the beginning is starting to get a little (besides completely unbelievable) "Um... she's sort of a bad mother." Which brings it into icky territory. Plus, I'm annoyed that there's just Baboom! No more Conrad? What? That does not please me. And the season 4 premise was even MORE stupid, which was annoying. If they had stayed with asshole grandfather and bedridden great-grandmother too long I was going to just have to stop. But seriously, now the freaking Mexican mafia? I just don't know.

I wonder how much JDM got paid to appear in a whole like, five minutes of the entire show?

I loved the first like, 2 3/4 seasons, and I adore the music, but man has it gotten tedious. Will someone just shoot Celia in the face already? (Don't tell me if they do later on, I want to CHERISH IT UNSPOILED.)


(I actually finished season 4 last night, and I'm still all... WTF? And being the compulsive dork idiot that I am, OF COURSE I have to move onto season 5. *sigh* I have other series I want to catch up on!)


Okay, I've done it again. Signed up for Entirely too much fic stuff. But hey, at least I'm writing SOMETHING. I need to get it all down here so I know how much trouble I'm really in.

[ profile] femslash_today's Fireworks '09 (Completely Not) Annual Femslash Porn Battle -- Now through Midnight, Friday, July 10
International Day of Femslash - July 18 (I volunteered to make Fuffy icons for this too!)
[ profile] paintedboys' Kradam Ficathon - Posting Dates July 20-July 27
[ profile] ibarw International Blog Against Racism Week is July 27-August 2, I will probably post, but I'll also be trying to keep track of the conversation and share with you guys.
[ profile] matrithon - Posting Dates 9/7-10/5 (I haven't signed up for an exact date yet)
[ profile] shapinglight's Darla Ficathon - Posting Date 10/31-11/1

Plus IWRY, CYA, Decade of AtS, and anything else that comes up between now and then, because apparently I've forgotten how to say no. :D

Oh, and I'm also running TWO communities now: [community profile] whedonpr0norama at Dreamwidth (anyone is welcome to post!) and [ profile] trueblood_squee over on LJ.

It's a lot, yes, but it's getting me all fired up, and that fire is what I need to get to writing my OWN stuff again!

Of course, now I'm tired and ready for a nap.

I will confess being really pleased with the feedback for my [ profile] femslash_today Porn Battle story (Hotbox, Olivia Wilde/Megan Fox RPFS if you're interested. *G*). I haven't written much femslash over the years, and I know absolutely nothing about these two actresses, so hearing that it made people hot made my porny heart very happy.

Hey! Speaking of PORN! *G* You may have noticed I mentioned in passing above my new Dreamwidth community (but anyone is welcome to come over and play using OpenID -- I'll even put up a post there explaining how!), [community profile] whedonpr0norama. I know I tried this over at InsaneJournal, but I really, really love Dreamwidth, and I really, really would love to read some new Whedon porn (not STARRING Whedon. Ew.), so I opened it. I want to do a Porn Battle Dealie over there eventually where all manner of porn will be had in the comments, but for now, everybody and anybody over 18 with some porn involving Whedonverse characters in any pairing, grouping (or hey, all by themselves!) are welcome and encouraged to post there! Please come on over and play!

Don't forget the zero in Pr0n! ;)


Oops! I totally forgot to get the garbage together for pick up tomorrow! Hasta La Vista! Please pet my dragons while you're here. *G*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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