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I swear, this remake trend is going to drive me insane. I just read that there's a HELLRAISER REMAKE BEING MADE? WTF?

You know, I might as well just give up being offended by the whole thing, it's not like anybody cares if it makes me want to vomit.

*grumbles* Hellraiser remake.


You know what's kind of funny -- and probably the only funny thing about the friggin non-stop bullshit ads of the political season? I just realized there's only a couple of announcer guys who do them -- I wonder if they'll work for any party, or only the one they choose? I know when I noticed the pattern, it was the same voice for two Democratic ads. I'll have to see if I hear him when the Repugs come up.


I smell pizza baking. I'm drooling all over myself. Apropos to nothing except approaching lunch. Excuse me.


30 Days Memes, DAY TEN

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Oh no! Did you hear that David Arquette and Courtney Cox are splitting up? That's so sad, I liked them as a couple. :(


I'm not going to cut for Gossip Girl this week, because there's no spoilers in my wrap up. I REALLY hate this season so far. I was so excited that no annoying Taylor Momsen would be present, but... alas, it's not so. There's too much Vanessa, and the only characters I actually don't loathe are Blair and Serena. I even hate Chuck, and not in a fun way. It's a real bummer when even your guilty pleasure show gets so annoying it's not fun anymore. Oh, and Juliet? Sucks extra hard.

Whereas Castle, on the other hand, becomes more and more wonderful and charming every week. *snuggles Castle* Castle's family, especially, continues to rule the universe. Read more... )


I don't know if I've mentioned this to you guys yet, but I've become an absolute The Big Bang Theory JUNKIE (I'm on my third watch-through in a row), and the cutie who plays Penny was in a really HORRIBLE riding accident -- she's sort of okay, now, but UGH listen to the story she told on Ellen!


30 Day Memes, Day 03

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Hey, is anybody feeling brave about spreading your fic wings? I posted my first [community profile] comment_ficprompt today, and I sincerely doubt anybody's going to bite. Would any of you like it?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Sons of Anarchy, Faith Lehane/Gemma Teller Morrow, "If there was one thing she knew, it was the feeling of being hunted."

You can find the rules for posting over there on the User Info page. It's a fun place to practice your writing. And I want to see if anybody can write this story!

I'm actually working on my first Millennium Trilogy fic based on a prompt over there, but I'm not feeling terribly confident about the voices of the characters. I think it's more difficult to write based on books than on visual mediums, for me. I have the movies, but they're in Swedish, and I KNOW there's a ton of important character stuff lost in the translation to the subtitles. (The versions of the movies I have are REALLY bad.) BUT I'll keep at it. The worst that can happen is a suck story, right? ;)

Check out the community if you haven't -- it's fun.


You know one of the problems I find with watching stuff online -- or on my computer at all, come to think of it -- I'm less likely to write things like this post or fic or whatever. I don't have a problem doing it when something's on the TV, but the computer is more distracting. It's weird. Maybe because it's more immediate, closer to my face? Meh, whatever. Right now I have a split screen with this on one side, and The Wire on the other. We'll see if anything else actually gets written after this.


You know, every time I hear somebody cheering over Lorena on True Blood using the "I'll rip out your ribcage and wear it as a hat" line, or see an icon that portrays it, it makes me want to scream and jump up and down and throw a little tantrum because IT WAS ALREADY DONE, AND BETTER! I'm sorry, you can borrow a concept for a line, but stealing it word for word? LAME.

For the uninformed, Buffy said it in the best episode of BtVS EVER (Becoming II), irt Spike being annoying. And yet cool, the way he used to be.

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