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Is the New York Daily News Crazy, stupid or both? Their headline reads: "Do you think Hermione and Ron are a good match?"

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Don't you know that's like giving the nuclear launch codes to the BAT SHIT CRAZIEST PEOPLE IN THE HISTORY OF FANDOM? (And that's saying something, sister.) Don't you know they will KILL YOU? They will eat your children and dress your dog up like Harry or Ron, whoever's their favorite, and then put on shadow puppet shows demonstrating why their ship is the best and the OTHER ONE IS OF SATAN.

Srsly, New York Daily News, you might want to rethink that headline.

Hahahahaha. I swear, not seconds after I finished typing that, the headline changed to something else on Google News. LOL. I wonder if their server crashed with THOUSANDS OF TINHATS posting their insane TL;DR screeds on the joys/horrors of H/R at the same time.

* Disclaimer: This is not to say, of course, that ALL HP shippers are nutbag tinhat weirdo, dog-dressing, baby-eating freaks. I know there are at least six or seven of you who are perfectly sane and look at the whole thing like, 0_o right along with the rest of us.


Remember how I was raving about my Yummy Salad yesterday? Yeah, there's another reason besides cost that keeps me from eating a lot of uncooked fresh veg. MY GUT IS KILLING ME. I can't remember why fresh veggies are hard for me to digest (because of my Crohn's), I know I read it somewhere, but I forgot. I LOVE fresh veggies, and it makes me angry that they cause me PAIN. It's not the veggies' fault, of course, Veggies are wonderful, even if the lettuce comes from Goddess knows where and has been packed in a bag for however long, and was probably sprayed with poisons, genetically enhanced, and packed by migrant workers making $.05 a day.



Okay, I've been really good about keeping my mouth shut about all things Michael Jackson related out of respect for close friends of mine who were huge fans and are really hurting. But I just had to say that "his" daughter is BEAUTIFUL. Srsly!

And speaking of celebrity children -- Thank the gods Baby! Jr. grew into his head. DAMN that kid is HUGE! He's going to be like, nine feet tall!


Awww. This makes me so happy!

(find the meme here)

It's like, a whole new generation of fans! I hesitate to take part because I'm such an old, grizzled, bitter vet and I never want to squash a new fan's squee. But it makes me so nostalgic for the old days! I mean... the good part of the old days. ;)

Just for the record, the ugly starts creeping in just like the old days too. Someone mentions there's not enough Spuffy, and then suddenly 20 Spuffies show up and diss B/A (and vice versa). *sigh* The more things... well, don't change at all, never mind.


After the above reminded me how much I hate shipping wars, I hesitate to even do this, because I completely see True Blood going down the exact same ridiculous path. *sigh* But Oh well -- vote for who you think Sookie should be with. Go ahead, stuff the balot box, post the link to every community you belong to, say nasty things about the people who don't like your guy/ship, spread rumors about how they cheat and steal and eat babies and kick puppies and got you fired or whatever. Send some hate mail, make a closed community so you can talk shit and not get called on it. Just... go ahead. Because we can't possibly just be positive about one thing without trying to destroy something else.

No such thing as a good natured rivalry or a peaceful difference of opinion in fandom. Everything we do has to be completely over the top and batshit. Whatev.



Okay, Merlin cheered me up, and gave me some time to remember that I have built up my own little corner of fandom where everybody pretty much gets along, or shuts up if they don't, and that's okay. I love my Spuffy friends, they love me, it's all good. Even if/when the True Blood ship wars do break out in truth, I'll be able to go over here ([ profile] trueblood_squee) and plug my ears and go LALALALALALALALA along with others who want to do the same. *G*

TRUE BLOOD LATER WHEEEEEE! Actually, people are just about to start watching it RIGHT NOW. I'm so jealous. *sigh*


So... I'm still trying to get a female. I'm building a collection of pretty dragons, though! Look, twins! I had to separate them so we wouldn't get confused. Please pet my pretty new red egg, and let's see what we've got here. :D

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Since there's no episode this week, if you're bored with no fix of hot vampire fun, we're having a SQUEE FOR ALL!

Come talk about your favorite character, your favorite episode, any and everything positive you could possibly have to say about True Blood. Post a drabble (or ten), icons, meta, your theories (beware of spoiling past last week's episode, please!)

Just come on by and leave your silver at the door!
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Cut for zee spoilahs, bb, and dey is BEEEG WAHNZ! )

I don't know if my heart can take these cliffhangers every week!

Dudes, that fucking ROCKED. AGAIN.

If you still hang out at LJ and love this freaking crazy ass vampire show, please drop by trueblood_squee and share the GLEE! (But not the Fox show Glee, that doesn't start till fall. Man, that word is just not going to survive that series,is it? *sigh*)

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Come play tonight at [ profile] trueblood_squee a positivity only sanctuary for all things True Blood. We're open for business! Don't forget your pom-poms! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

Please read the rules before posting! (Yippees, Wahoos, Yahoos, OMG's, flailing, drooling, fainting with happiness, lusting, and frothing happily at the mouth are all also welcome!)

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