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Still fully in the grips of my Free Realms addiction. I can't help it -- they're doing a Halloween themed thing, and I get to dress up like a vampire and go treak or treating. SHUT UP! ;)


RIP Paul the Psychic Octopus. :(


The Rocky Horror Glee Show S02E05 )

Raising Hope S01E05 )

I'll try to catch up with a few more shows tomorrow. I have to go indulge my addiction right now. ;)

Thanks to [Bad username or site: raelala @"] for sharing this gem: Reasoning With Vampires. Basically, an entire blog dedicated to why the Twilight series is BADLY WRITTEN PAP. Even without all the philosophical and plot disasters.



30 Days Memes, DAY FIFTEEN

True Blood )

Angel )

Buffy )

All the Days: True Blood )
All the Days: Angel )
All the Days: Buffy )
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Or, er... not right, anyway.

Actually there weren't any actual tornadoes today, but up where my girlfriend lives in the mountains, they were looking at the serious possibility of some. Hello, Global Weirding again! In decades (centuries?) past, we've only had to worry about massive snowstorms that left us stuck on the north side of the mountains (the ones south of me, not the northernmost ones where my girlfriend lives.) until spring. Now we've got massive heatwaves, earthquakes, AND tornadoes? Oy.


You know one "positive" thing about me no longer having a paid account anywhere after so many years -- it has seriously curtailed my compulsive icon collecting. I mean, I have to REALLY like an icon to grab it nowdays, knowing that I can only use the 15 that I think express my interests and self the best (at least at the moment).

I wish there was something like that for food, or online adoptables. I've gotten caught up in that crack world again. I spend an hour clicking shit while I drink my tea in the morning. It's just sad.



See? I've always said LOLcats have taken over the world. It only makes sense that the Internet is made of cats.


It's things like this that make me think Twilight has ruined the vampire genre forever (although he's not the only one I might not have put on this particular list). Come on, Flist -- name me a dozen or more screen vampires that are better than Edward Fucking SparklyPeen Cullen.

Shit, Gerard Butler's Dracula is a hundred freaking times better than that dwank (and although I love it with the heat of a thousand firey suns, the movie is a big stinker). Where are Angel and Spike (in that order)? Langella's Dracula?

Come on, let's make a list. A Cullen freaking free list, if you please.


Hey, wasn't I just saying this EXACT thing a few weeks ago? Of course, I have been looking forward to Dinner for Schmucks, because I adore Steve Carell, but now that I know there's a French original, I might need to go looking for that one instead!

Of course, reading the review, it makes me think that I might like the American version better -- I'm sort of in the mood for this to be a shallow farce. I'm not in the mood for thinky humor, which it sounds like the French original is.

(Note: I've actually seen it now, and I found it more sad than funny. I felt too sorry for Carell's character the whole time to really find it funny. And those cut for spoilers ) were brilliant, not ridiculous! It's weird that I find Carell so hilarious, but his movies always leave me cold (with the exception of The 40 Year Old Virgin). The same thing happened with Date Night, and I find the US version of The Office insufferable.)
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I'm spending some time today trying to burn stuff from my external hard drive to DVD, because I'm all out of space. I have far too many video addictions, ya'll. And you know why I need to move stuff around? Well, yes, for one, there's not enough room to back up my system as things stand right now, but it's mostly because I WANT TO ADD MORE ADDICTIONS to the space. Aiyee.


Holy crap! So I was answering my Meme Thing the other day for Pirates of the Caribbean, and I JUST REALIZED that Zoe Saldana (the lovely and awesome Uhura from Star Trek XI) was the fabulous AnaMaria in Pirates I!!! I loved that character, I can't believe I didn't recognize her sooner!


We need to send a clean up crew to the moon. Why did we leave so much shit up there? Literally, if you notice the "Defacation Collection Unit".


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *snort* Swiped from [ profile] killerweasel:


Ah, Twilight. Negatively influencing women, de-fanging vampires, and forcing Native tribes to rethink their entire way of life since 2005.


Okay, I know this could get me hamstrung (remember when I DARED to accuse Clay Aiken of being OMGGAY? Yeah.), but does Daniel Radcliffe BONG anybody else's gaydar? Srsly. I know he's British and everything, which can sometimes confuse the issue, but... I'm just not buying his alleged heterosexuality, no matter how many starlets he supposedly dates.


Please pet my dragons. Man I hope this pink otter is a girl.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Ahhhhhh. I finally got off my ass and moved back downstairs into the Pit for the summer. I've just been too lazy to drag all the stuff out of the living room upstairs. Today I just couldn't take my mother anymore -- just suffice to say that she would not shut up about the nitpickiest, most insane stuff, that it was either drag my ass, all my stuff, and the vacuum cleaner downstairs, or kill her.

So, I spent two hours vacuuming and moving and cleaning, and now I'm about ready to pass out but MAN is it worth it. It's cool and quiet, and I have my soft, squishy couch with all my stuff around me. But wait, it's even better than that. You guys would be embarrassed to know me if you could see me right this moment, sprawled out on my couch, laptop desk (sort of like one of those hospital bed tables, only of pretty wood that I keep polished) over me (so I'm lounging and typing) with a bottle of Pepsi Max next to the computer and a bag of hot Cheeto Fries ("$2.00 ONLY!" they declare proudly on the front, which makes me think the packaging was not designed by someone whose first language is English, but whatever.)

I AM THE QUEEN OF SLOTH. If I could be bothered to move at all, I would take a picture. But I'm just too comfortable to move that far. It's got to be at least two or three feet away, and I will have to roll my laptop desk away from myself, and LEAN OVER and OPEN THE BAG, and PULL OUT THE CAMERA. And then there's all that technical stuff like turning it on and opening the lenscap.... you know how it goes.

I lazee 2dy. Nap maybe. Bye.


Okay, I have to give Stephen Moyer some SERIOUS love for this. I may be an Eric Girl, but I have SUCH an appreciation for Moyer and what he brings to the role of Bill. This just makes me want to fangirl him. Hee.


Of course, I think the "Weak Tea" of vampires, or "the barely-deserves-to-be-called-a-vampire-at-all" of vampires is even more fitting.

Hey, speaking of how completely lame Edward is, why did no one tell me about THE MOST POPULAR BOOK IN THE WHOLE WORLD? Hee.


Finally, there is not enough love and SQUEE in the world for the Matrithon: The Pan-Fandom Women 40 And Over Ficathon. I just posted 38 prompts (that means 38 awesome canonical characters over 40) from 13 different fandoms. And I tried hard to pick people that hadn't been represented yet -- there are dozens of others! I highly encourage all my wonderful sister fen to give one a try. I WANT TO DO ALL OF MINE. NO SRSLY. I may go insane before August. Probably unsurprisingly, the most of my prompts came from The L Word -- tons of awesome older ladies on there. Not the least of which being Bette Porter herself, the wonderous Jennifer Beals.
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RIP Ed McMahon.


Don't miss this! BUFFY VS. EDWARD!

YAY! That's the ending I've been waiting for. :D


WTF is up with this? I mean, I know the Internet has pretty much eliminated privacy in the world, but this is ridiculous. Some homophobe can just request the names of members of LGBTQ support groups... because? He feels like it? I mean, come on. Why not just line them up against a wall for him so he can harrass them right then and there? He's one of those "ex-gay" freaks, so you know he doesn't have anything good in mind. If I was one of the members in question, I would sure as hell fight tooth and nail to stop him!


Round Two of TwoP's Tubey Awards are open for voting! Make sure your favorite shows and characters get their props!


Dear Alex:

I love you. Please come marry me and make me a Swede.

Love, Ducks.


Wow, Mr. Obama, thanks so much for that! Sneak a few LGBTQ leaders in the back door for an unpublicised "meeting," while still refusing to change or even acknowledge the offensive language of the DOMA defense brief. The hole just gets deeper and deeper and deeper...

A lot of people are saying, "Oh, just be patient! We can't get everything done at once! We have bigger priorities!" Really? Bigger priorities than basic equality and civil rights? Wow, that's pretty big, then. Like I've said before, I don't expect things to change overnight. I'm not asking for DOMA or DADT to be repealed tomorrow (although the White House's refusal to even consider the latter is absolutely ridiculous considering the state our armed forces are currently in), but only that THE OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE IN THE DOMA DEFENSE BRIEF BE REWRITTEN. If they feel like they have to defend the law, FINE, but stop equating same sex marriage to incest and marrying children! Why is that so hard for people to understand? Why do people think LBGTQ people should NOT be UPSET about that characterization?

Frankly, this very issue is a big reason why I don't belong to the RWA (Romance Writers' Association) anymore, either. The last letters section in the organization's magazine contained a scathing letter to the editor talking about how if we allow gay and lesbian romance in the RWA, pretty soon there'd be bestiality and pedophilia and sex between inanimate objectsOMG! The usual right wing slippery slope BS. Fine -- as long as the other side gets to speak. But there's no letters in the next issue, and when letters come back, there's nary a mention of that right wing shite.


Speaking of politics, What the Fucking Fuck is going on in my state? It's like professional fucking capture the flag, or king/queen of the mountain, or something EQUALLY RIDICULOUS, MONEY AND TIME WASTING.

Fire the whole fucking lot of them and start from scratch. What is this, junior high? WTF, NY? If I had two friggin dimes to rub together, I'd move to Vermont. If I had a skilled job, I've move to Canada. This shit is for the fucking birds.
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Mr. Obama, you rock. Now if only you would change your mind on the marriage equality issue (and a few other things -- I'm really concerned about the various privacy and spying issues that are still Status Quo from the fascist Bush regime. And seemingly getting worse.)

What is Pride?

If, like me, you're stuck in a place with no Pride -- well, not that there's no Queer Pride here, just that there's no big parade. The community is fairly insular, and for perfectly understandable -- though sad -- reasons. I always endeavor to be a good ally, and you know LGBT issues are my biggest political "thing", but I want to spend this month appreciating the contributions and tribulations of the gay community by appreciating its art!

Glaad, for example, has Pride TV a list of LGBT programming on Television.

The Logo Network (imagine, five years ago there WAS no LGBT network!) lists their top 10 Gay Movies You Have to See! Here's the list, if you don't feel like watching the video... )

I'm going to hunt a few of those down myself -- starting with But I'm a Cheerleader!

Music: Okay, first, I found this link, which is MUSIC YOU SHOULD BAN FROM YOUR HOME IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO TURN GAY! Which, to me, means acts that I should probably try harder to support. I don't know if this is a joke or not, but the Jonas Brothers are on there as a "Gateway Band". Man, am I glad I'm not a Christian. I would hate to have to keep decrying the asshats that make my side look bad. *patently ignores the odder of the naked tree dancing Pagans with names like Sir DragonDancer and Lady NutFaery* He also lists the Dresden Dolls as a "safe" band, along with Cheap Trick and Evanescence? o_O

On a more legit note, check out, home of the LGBT Musicians Top 40 list. I've been a freak for Indigo Girls music for YEARS, and though I've lost interest in her most recent work, Melissa Etheridge as well.

Want to learn something about LGBT visual art? Check out Wikipedia's LGBT Art Portal or GayCity USA's directory of artists' webpages.

Don't forget, our own fannish communities are full of wonderful queer writers, artists, philosophers and other characters, and lots of GAY PORN! *G*

Let's celebrate PRIDE!


RIP David Eddings.


In more fannish news:


Because of Twilight fame, Quileute Tribe hires a publicist.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. I mean, good for them for hiring someone to help with this, because the series makes soup out of Quileute tradition, right along with playing on the old Native = Animal trope. But still, it makes me uncomfortable that they should HAVE to do that. I don't know.


Extended Vampire Diaries Trailer:

Um... I'm less sure about this now, but... I'll give it a chance. The mantra, "At least it's not Twilight!" goes a long way with me.


Five Reasons the so-called "Buffy" re-boot Won't Work

Here, I have five for you:

1.) No SMG
2.) No DB
3.) No Scoobies/Giles
4.) No Big Bad of the Season
5.) No Joss (I can't believe I just typed that, but there it is)

Several of these are covered in the article. With his other ones, we could make ten. I'm sure all of us together (fandom-wise) could make a list of HUNDREDS.

NO, Kuzui's, NO! Go find something else you're only nominally a part of and gut THAT.


Cheney Backs Gay Marriage

He's still Satan. He's just a slightly less homophobic Satan. It's typical of the right, actually. He only feels like this because his daughter is gay. I remember my mother telling me a lot of stories about when she was coming of age in the 60's, rich women could always get abortions, even though they were illegal. Hypocrisy, they name is self-righteous right wingers!

I don't think basic human civil rights should be a state by state issue, personally.


Now this "re-booting" shit is just getting ridiculous. WRITE SOMETHING ORIGINAL, HOLLYWOOD.


I've decided to give PORN BATTLE VIII a shot. I haven't written anything in YEARS, but I can do 2500 words as long as nothing horrible happens between now and June 15 *knocks on wood*. I think I'd like to try a new fandom, AND maybe something Buffy/Angel-verse. We'll see.

If you want to see something B/A (or whatever *G*) from me, go over there and comment -- you can do it anonymously if you want. I'm willing to write PORN! in the following fandoms/pairings:


B/A (duh)

Being Human: I'll try anything, but it will go better for you if it involves Mitchell. *G* I'm fond of Mitchell/Annie, myself.
SPN: Dean/Castiel
Merlin: Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Lancelot, Morgana/Gwen
True Blood: Eric/Sookie, Sookie/Tara, Sookie/Pam, Pam/Eric/Sookie
HP: Remus/Sirius

I dunno, try me on something and maybe I'll give it a shot. *G* I get to choose whatever prompts I want to write.


What is "Biblical Marriage?"


Okay, I'm off to watch the Glee pilot again, because I wasn't watching it closely the first time, and all the SQUEE makes me feel like I missed something. :D

I hope everybody had the most FABULOUS day they could possibly have!
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CPAP Day Three and other Medical TMI )


I'm actually looking forward to Vampire Diaries in the fall. And just for anyone who's not aware: THIS SERIES OF BOOKS CAME OUT LONG BEFORE TWILIGHT. I can already hear the whining about VampD being a "rip off". Also, Elana is not NEARLY the useless whinebag that Bella Swan is, and the creepy brother is SUPPOSED to be creepy, unlike Edward Cullen.

Yes, I am biased, as a matter of fact. Thanks for noticing! I'm going to have to give the first few episodes a try and catch Bones online, I think. I'll see how I feel when it happens. It would be fun to have a Thursday night CW lineup again.


I just got a Robocall from the National Organization for Bigotry Marriage, and I actually TOOK the stupid survey just to make sure someone who thinks they're batshit actually made their dissenting opinion clear. Of course, after it asked me, "Do you believe blah blah we hate gay people and you'll go to hell if you don't marriage between one man and one woman ONLY?" And I said, very loudly, very clearly, "NO." It said, "Thank you for your time," and hung up.

Hm. Methinks they weren't interested in my opinion. I'm just glad I answered the phone and not my folks. They're both of the "Civil Unions Yes Marriage No" crowd. Which I vehemently disagree with, but considering they're both not nearly as gay-positive as I, is a fairly good thing.

Trying to get gay marriage rights in New York State is going to be a long, possibly futile haul. For all that we have NYC and several other large gay enclaves and are a SCREAMING blue state, there are also places like HERE where I live, where there is ONE gay bar, and it constantly gets its windows broken out. (And yet we once had a gay mayor. Weird. Of course, he turned out to be corrupt, but... that's neither here nor there, just indicative of the bizarness that is the EXTREME up of Upstate New York.)

We'll see. I only wish the NOBM had been a live person, so I could demand they send me my Ghey Repellent Umbrella to make sure I wouldn't get any of that nasty Ghey on me during the GREAT GHEY STORM that's a comin'!

BLEACH DOESN'T GET THAT OUT, YOU KNOW. But the Tide stick might.


Been watching Generation Kill. What I've learned: War is stupid (which I already knew) and Alexander Skarsgard is hot (which I also already knew.)

In conclusion: Adam.
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Heh. I ran out of characters to congratulate myself with. But I'm not the only one who's awesome today! The incredible[profile] rachelcaine celebrates as well! I hope you have a great day and GET ANOTHER WEATHER WARDEN BOOK OUT STAT! ;)

Just kidding. You can have the day off. *G*


TWILIGHT... WITH CHEESEBURGERS! Thanks to the awesome [personal profile] killerweasel, as usual!

A definite improvement! Now I'm hungry.


Hahahahaha. Now THAT's a brilliant idea! Of course, in my case... that wouldn't really surprise anybody, I don't think.

Here's the trailer for the video:

Hmmm... that stripper looks strangely familiar for some reason...


Excellent day. Now I may have to explode.

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