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RIP Les Paul, musician and creator of some of history's greatest guitars. Ninety four years is a good, long life.


You know... I think I may be becoming a low-level plebe Trekkie. Because this announcement actually made me SQUEE:

Jane Land's Star Trek NovelsRead more... )

I should probably qualify that I'm more a Feminist/Female-Centered Trekkie -- I'm more interested in the female characters than the males. Not that I don't love Spock and Jimmy T. and the other boys on the bridge, but my heart lies with Gaila, Uhura, Chapel, poor misused Yeoman Rand and Number One.

ANYway, if that made you as excited as it did me (I downloaded them both. I don't care, I'll lug my laptop to bed with me to read them!), you can find the links toward the bottom of the Open Doors Project here: They also have an awesome collection of vintage Kirk/Spock slash from the 70's, if that's more your thing!

See, this is why OTW is so important! They're working to give fannish history a permanent home so it can't disappear like so many of our great sites did in Buffy fandom. Drop by and see how you can help!


I AM STUDIOUSLY IGNORING ANY AND ALL SPOILERS and/or PREVIEWS FOR ANY AND ALL OF MY SHOWS. I've discovered that my viewing life is much MUCH happier when I don't have any clue what's coming.


Hooohahahahahaha! OMG this killed me! My, My Spock Couldn't Let It Go by [ profile] zephtastic -- Spock gets addicted to ABBA, and everybody suffers. Except McCoy. LOL Hilarious!!!!


So, you guys all know I share a home with my folks. My mother runs the place like the crazy (but mostly harmless) passive-aggressive tyrant that she is. When the folks are gone, you know what my rebellions are? I leave the dishes in the sink OVERNIGHT! *gasp* I don't scrub out the catbox EVERY TIME I CHANGE IT! OMG! I have nachos for dinner! I stay up until 5 am and sleep all day! I don't get the mail until EVENING! I drink AN ENTIRE POT OF COFFEE ALL BY MYSELF! I AM SUCH A REBEL!

My teenaged self would die of shame. LOL


Copied from [personal profile] spiralleds:

liz_marcs has a post here that will direct you to one of two posts. One is asking for American's experiences with insurance as the system currently exists. The other is asking for those to live in countries with socialized medicine to share their experiences. Share if you can share on either side. And even if you don't have someone to share/don't want to share, it's an eye opening read.



Diversity Icon Meme -- I thought this was interesting. (These are my LJ icons, not DW)

Total # of Icons: 118
# Icons Featuring Female Characters Alone: 15
# Icons Featuring Male Characters Alone: 26
# Icons Featuring Het Pairings (friends or romance): 16
# Icons Featuring F/F Pairings (friends or romance): 6
# Icons Featuring M/M Parigins (friends or romance): 8
# Icons Featuring Mixed Gender groups of 3 or more: 9
# Icons Featuring People/Characters of Color (GAILA DOESN'T COUNT): 17
# Icons Featuring Women of Color (AGAIN, GAILA DOESN'T COUNT): 11

Some counted in more than one category. The rest were divided between text, animals, and symbolic icons. Although only 17 of 118 of my icons feature people/characters of color (which is embarassing), at least the majority of those include WOMEN of color.

Anyway, food for thought.


Hilton wants us to think he's a Top? Hahahahahaha. No. Adam? Certainly.

Now I hope to never have to think about Perez Hilton having sex again as long as I live.

Adam... now that I don't mind one little bit. *G* Especially with a wee little American Idol champion from Arkansas...


And in closing: DRAGONS!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Some of the choices are brutal, so good luck! Both Buffy and Faith made it, but I don't think anyone else I was really, REALLY rooting for did.



When last we left our heroes, we discovered that Pinky was probably gay, and/or Jessica is just not into pink dudes. Shame.

Look! I got a new egg!

Adopt one today!

Please click hir so s/he will grow! :D

No mating for a few days, apparently. *sigh*


Taken from my new friend [ profile] clevermonikerr!


Comment to this entry with any fandom. If I'm knowledgeable enough in the fandom to have ships, I'll tell you one non-canon ship I like, one canon ship I like, and one ship I really don't like (either canon OR fanon). Then post this in your own journal to offer up the same responses.

I'll try anything once. *G*


This one taken from the lovely [ profile] ladyoneill!



OMG U GYZ! I'm all addicted to Star Trek TOS and shit. I had no idea it had such a dry, sarcastic sense of humor about itself. I mean, the sexism and racism is icky, but I bet still better than most shows of it's day. Or so I imagine, since there are people of color on there AT ALL, and women in uniform (skimpy though it may be, they're officers), and my knowledge of TV in the 60's is pretty limited to this and Batman.



Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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You're supposed to be my friend! :(


HOT DRAGON ACTION! Or, er... actually, not.

Adopt one today! (BJPinky) Adopt one today! (TBJessica)

So I decided, since Jessica is all grown up (and we all know that females should have BABIES, as this is their only purpose in life!), I should breed her. And guest commentator [ profile] frozenproduce suggested mating her with one of my pink fellas. Well, I mean, they're cute pink dragons with tidy wings and large show tune collections, so you can probably guess what happened. I introduced Pinky and Jessica, and they.... went "meh." And absolutely no Dragon Smexing whatsoever took place. *Sigh* Now I have to wait another day and try with Rosey. Maybe he'll "Show interest" in her?

Tune in tomorrow for AS THE DRAGONS... er... TURN? FLAP? SPEW FIRE? I dunno.


HAHAHAHA! Check out "The Honeymoon of Dean and Castiel" hahahaahhaahaha.



So... [ profile] gabrielleabelle has a poll: Is B/A subversive? Does it subvert itself in canon? And seeing as how her entire FList seems to be Spuffies and B/A negative people, I BEG ONE OF OUR MORE ELOQUENT FANS ([ profile] margotlefaye, are you out there? If I had a D Signal, I would flash it at you! And OH HOW I MISS HARPY RIGHT NOW!) TO EXPLAIN WHY B/A IS NOT *insert same old generally dismissive and insulting crap about B/A here*.

Keep your tone polite if you answer. Notice I didn't answer, because my answer would mostly be "OMG PEOPLE STFU! IT'S NOT CLICHE! YOU SEE A LOT OF "HEROINE WITH HERO LOVE INTEREST CONSORT" IN MODERN FICTION DO YOU? SEE TWO HEROES PROPPING EACH OTHER UP WITH (probably impossible) DREAMS OF HOPE, HAVE YOU? ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! *throws violent tantrum, has heart attack and drops dead* And, I'm not entirely sure what she's even asking to begin with. Or why.

To Subvert (According to Webster's): 1 : to overturn or overthrow from the foundation : ruin; 2 : to pervert or corrupt by an undermining of morals, allegiance, or faith.

The Free Dictionary ( has a more salient definition of Subversive: "subversive: Adjective - intended or intending to weaken or overthrow a government or an institution. Noun - a person engaged in subversive activities."

The thesaurus suggests "revolutionary". So... was B/A meant to destroy some fundamental tropes, as so much of what Whedon does is supposed to do? Does it destroy itself? Is it revolutionary?

I'm being a good girl, and coming back here to cry and hyperventilate and get hugs, and PLEADING for one of the many intelligent B/A Shippers on my FLIST to PLEASE offer a balanced view to that B/A hate fest over there. (They are not being mean about shippers, though, which is a nice change.) I had to leave about two comments in, and may not be able to put together a coherent answer besides "NO! WTF?" And so.

*breathes deep yoga breaths*

(Here's a puzzler: why is a Spuffy asking an Flist full of Spuffies if B/A is subversive in the first place? Don't answer that, it's just a little thought in my head.) (And hey, WHY HAVE I STILL NOT LEARNED NOT TO CLICK LINKS I KNOW WILL PROBABLY BE NOT-B/A FRIENDLY? IT'S BEEN TEN YEARS.)

Also, please don't bring up Spuffy in the discussion -- [ profile] gabrielleabelle specifically asked people not to. It's also lame to bash another ship just to pump up your own, and not what the discussion needs.

I'm going to go throw up now.


You know what brought me down (or "up," I guess) AGAIN? Star Trek. I'm watching the Original Series for the first time in decades -- including the original pilot, which I've never seen before, and my blood pressure is back down, and I've just kind of... let that annoyance earlier go. Does this speak of the calming power of Star Trek? My continued over-investment in shows that have been off the air for years? Both?

Anyway -- I'm sad in a different way now. #1 in the original pilot was AWESOME. And an officer. And there's actually some surface level touching on sexism. There was an Asian fella in the transporter room! Roddenbury said in the intro that one of the reasons the original pilot was not produced was because it wasn't "cast sensibly" = too many non-whites.

Which leads me to think about IBARW and an essay I read today: Nyota Uhura is Not a White Girl or "now that we've got that clear, and you know that i'm not here..." by [ profile] rawles. It's excellent food for thought, and a good explanation for why every time I hear someone say the word "post-racial", I want to kick them. (I'm trying to keep my temper down, because I'm dizzy! From the high blood pressure that I totally don't have! Oh, man, I'm having a total breakdown. Or else one of these new meds is making me more batshit than usual.")

Help me Original Trek (even-though-your-flaws-are-glaring-you-were-making-real-inroads-for-your-time)! Help me!

Or better yet, my beautiful, wonderful friends of all fandoms and ships and preferred characters and philosophies and temperments. I need some recs. Happy recs. Porny recs. Gaila recs. What I would love:

Porny, HEA Recs from any current fandom: True Blood, Supernatural (Dean/Castiel), Gossip Girl (Chuck/Blair or Blair/Serena), Merlin, Being Human, Star Trek XI, Kradam, and of Course, Buffy/Angel (B/A positive ONLY, please)
Eric Northman recs
Gaila/Uhura, Gaila/Kirk, or just Gaila recs (especially these -- I'm collecting links in my Delicious.
Fluffy Being Human fic (OT3 or Mitchell/Annie)
*Happy B/A or B/A Meta.*

Or write me some drabbles! Or post funny gifs. Something!


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