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Still fully in the grips of my Free Realms addiction. I can't help it -- they're doing a Halloween themed thing, and I get to dress up like a vampire and go treak or treating. SHUT UP! ;)


RIP Paul the Psychic Octopus. :(


The Rocky Horror Glee Show S02E05 )

Raising Hope S01E05 )

I'll try to catch up with a few more shows tomorrow. I have to go indulge my addiction right now. ;)

Thanks to [Bad username or site: raelala @"] for sharing this gem: Reasoning With Vampires. Basically, an entire blog dedicated to why the Twilight series is BADLY WRITTEN PAP. Even without all the philosophical and plot disasters.



30 Days Memes, DAY FIFTEEN

True Blood )

Angel )

Buffy )

All the Days: True Blood )
All the Days: Angel )
All the Days: Buffy )
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Had a really nice visit with my Aunt and Uncle who came down from Maine. Whole family went out to Applebee's. I ate entirely too much food, and now I think it's entirely possible that my intesines really ARE going to explode.

It was worth it.


Also, [personal profile] escritoireazul wrote on my prompt yesterday at [community profile] comment_fic! A really gritty, touching crossover BtVS/Sons of Anarchy, starring Faith and Gemma Morrow, called Gonna Fade Away. Stop by and check it out!


I don't care what anybody says. I thought Raising Hope was cute. "Get that dog off my couch!" Hee! And Read more... )


Glee S02E01 )


I did a few [community profile] comment_fics of my own today! It's three line day, and who can't do three lines? I got to break out my run-on sentence skills, which always makes me happy. *G* Check them out and feed back if you like!

1. For [profile] kasmodia: True Blood, Sam/Bill, vivid dreams

2. For [personal profile] tigriswolf: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, (Drusilla/)Kendra/Xander, everyone knows you don't turn a slayer

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