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Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block — Just what it says. These are things I use that actually work!

How to find inspiration for writing a novel. Again, advice I use myself!

Stop by and get some tips for your own writing!
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SPN S06E02 )

Do you know I have to turn the volume on my CW affiliate up to 60 (out of 100) on my TV to hear any of the shows? WTH?


Okay, Modern Family is in pretty close contention to be my #1 favorite sitcom of all time. (The Big Bang Theory is up there too.) My lungs were already in excruciating pain from the VULCAN DEATH FLU, and this week's episode made me laugh so hard I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a minute.

"Control-D makes the picture walk, walk, walk."

"I'm going to go get a beer, beer, beer, before I hit you in the head, head, head."

Hee. And the great thing about it is there are so many really touching moments too. Like although I almost passed out from laughing, I also got all teary at the end. That's a good show.


I horked this from the lovely [Bad username or site: killerweasel @ site], and IDEK WTFF, man.

See, it made me use that text speak shit that I hate.

Hey, at least Sparkly Peen's not in it! But Buffy, Eric and Bill are, along with some of my beloved classics. Hi Deacon Frost! Hi Langella's Dracula! Oh, and so many others. But no Gerry Butler. *sniff* I guess they're trying to pretend that movie didn't happen. No Underworld, either. Oh well, I guess you can't get ALL the vampires, right?


So you know I signed up for Schmoop_Bingo. I also have plans to finish Rise (I swear, [personal profile] moscow_watcher, I'm giving it my best shot!) and another IWRY that I left hanging, plus a new IWRY short fic. That's a lot of writing for a person who hasn't done much of anything in years.

Then I remembered NANO IS COMING. I planned on finishing a draft of my latest long languishing original novel.

Okay, I'm not going to get all panicky. I'm just going to plug along and do the best I can. Otherwise, this is when I always just freak myself out into stopping writing entirely and disappear for a while. I don't want to do that this time. I have to stick to it no matter how I feel, and no matter how the material is coming that day.

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