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Not really. Actually, the last few days have been very nice with the exception of one small incident in which I threw my little pocket calendar at my mother to get her to shut up. Oh, how am I going to take care of her when she gets really elderly? Why couldn't my parents have had more children?



Hahahaha! I found this while on another errand on Deviantart:


Hee. The Count.


Not much going on around here. Spent a few days... maybe more, I kind of lost track, glutting myself on The Tudors. Really good show that made me cry a LOT (it's really kind of stressful to know that pretty much all of the characters you're watching and getting attached to are going to come to a terrible end). Of course, this led me to the need to watch Elizabeth (the one with Kate Blanchett), which I saw in the theater, and wasn't really as good as I remembered. But after that, I watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age for the first time, and that was REALLY good.


Hey, does anybody know why The Pit of Voles is removing all True Blood fanfic? I smell HBO's hand, but who knows?


Ooooh, rumors are starting that the sequel to Star Trek Reboot will be starting filming in the fall! SQUEE!


Hoinked from [personal profile] killerweasel: WHAT OMG!!!!! It makes me nauseous and panicky just thinking about it. Who would want to DO that? *shudder*


Oh my. I was just over at the Second Round of Tubey finals at TwoP, and there's a category for Best HoYay! Couple -- and I am completely stuck. I mean, here are MY choices (there are others):

  • Cara/Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker) - Oh, my girls. I just... *sigh*

  • Dean/Castiel (Supernatural) - Cuties

  • ERIC/GODRIC (True Blood) - OMG awesome and tragic pair (plus you know I'm a sucker for maker/child vampire pairs)

  • House/Wilson -- They are SO gay, they just will never sell Huddy, sorry.

  • Merlin/Arthur -- I actually think Morgana/Gwen should be in here too. Gayest. Show. On TV. (based on ancient legend, anyway)

HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE? I mean, usually I choose the True Blood answer by default (and it is ERIC. AND GODRIC.), if I'm stuck, because it's currently my favorite show (yeah, still). But... I just glutted on Legend of the Seeker, and the awesomeness of Cara/Kahlan MUST be acknowledged. And Dean/Castiel... BUILT for the hoyay. The others are less painful to not vote for, but STILL.

Feh. I think because I actually adore the show AND the pairing, I'm going to have to go with Eric/Godric.


You know, when James Frain first came to True Blood, I was all, Meh, don't care. But the character is BATSHIT scary and crazy, and now that I've watched him through the Tudors (and did you know he was the Spanish ambassador in Elizabeth?) I think I may be a fan. The thing is... I don't get why so many people find him so hot. I think he's very charismatic, and an AMAZING actor, but... hot? No. Just no. I mean, stand him next to Alcide or Eric and it's just... sad. Which, again, is not to say that I don't really, really like his work and would like to go looking for more.

Also regarding TB -- this week's episode was really good. I think the storylines are FINALLY starting to roll.


Oh! I just contracted a new TV addiction: Disney's The Emporer's New School. I watch it religiously on Saturdays (they show it on ABC, I don't have Disney Channel) BUT I did find all the episodes online. I watched like 20 episodes in a row on Sunday, and I can't get enough. This isn't surprising, a number of my all-time favorite shows are cartoons. Top mentions are The Tick, Invader Zim, Dexter's Laboratory, South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy and others. The Emporer's New School is up there, although I don't think I need to own it.


Speaking of TV addiction, how the hell did I miss that there was a Being Human Series 2? I mean, I have Series 1 on DVD and I LOVELOVELOVE it... I have a source I could (and am) get it from, but I didn't know it even existed until I saw discussion of the Series 2 music somewhere on LJ. WTF, self? See, this is what happens when you don't keep up with your geek friends and communities. BAD BAD THINGS.

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