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As those of you who have been following my freelancing adventures know, I've been working for an awesome pet social and information site called I adore it -- some of my most fun is had doing pet related stuff. But anyway, this is why I'm posting today:

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KatKabin Cutest Cat Photo Contest

Do you have a cute cat? Enter our contest and show us the cutest side of your adorable kitty. You need to be a registered user to enter this contest. After your registration, log in and upload one or more pet photos of your pet. Photos will be voted on by registered users of QUICK TIP: To have a better chance to win, enter multiple cats or add multiple photos of your cat to this contest

The contest will end on Oct 16, 2011 at 11:59pm PST. The contest is proudly sponsored by Brinsea Products. Three (3) winners will be selected. Prizes include KatKabin or SkratchKabin.

See Terms and conditions here.


STop by and join for the contest, but stay for the chance to talk with other pet parents about your bbs! ;)
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So much to share today. It's nice to feel like all my work is generating something! W00t!

1. All the storms lately are a reminder that we need to be prepared, not just for our human families, but for our furry and feathered friends too! Disaster Preparation For Your Pets gives you a guide on how to get your animal babies ready for any emergency!

2. Winter, spring, summer or fall, it's any season for the crazy-making pain and pressure of sinusitis! Learn some simple ways to ease the misery: How to Get Relief For Sinusitus.

3. Magic is a fun literary theme. It's role in A Midummer Night's Dream is multilayered and interesting! Literary Themes: Magic in A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.

4. More Shakespeare? And I'm not even a fan! But you know how I love to analyze female characters in literature... How about a Character Analysis: Cordelia in King Lear by William Shakespeare.

And finally...

5. Have you ever wondered how the idea of the government helping care for the elderly, sick, and poor came to be? Well, we can all thank Queen Elizabeth (sort of): How the Government Helped the Poor in Elizabethan England.

There should be a little something for a lot of tastes today! :)

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