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22/8/09 12:39
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IWRY still turns me into a sobbing wreck ten years later! I'm doing my first rewatch of Angel in a year or more, and this is the first time I've been able to watch this episode. Now I can't stop blubbering like a baby.

WHYYYY JOSS WHEDON? WHYYYYYY? *sobs* And then RIGHT on top of that he lays HERO ON US! WAAAAAAH!

I'm really enjoying my rewatch -- it's the first one in a while. I'm up to mid season 2 now, and I have to say: I STILL feel like the Fang Gang failed Angel far more than he failed them. They let him keep pushing them away, they didn't even try to understand what he might be going through. They just hemmed and hawed and mocked, and then when he had a total nervous breakdown, THEY got all butt hurt and made HIM grovel! Feh. With friends like that...


Feeling a little better today, but still not well enough to write home about. I'm avoiding uncooked veggies for a while.


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