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Ducks ([personal profile] theantijoss) wrote2010-10-21 09:19 am
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30 Days of Angel, Day Eleven, because I am an absentminded dipshit.

(Thanks, [ profile] simplysonia for pointing out that I screwed up AGAIN.)

something you hated that most people liked:

*sigh* Um... Oh! Excising the Sunnydale gang almost completely from the lives of the Angel gang. It makes NO SENSE for TWO armies of heroes fighting to save the world, working two hours apart, TO NEVER HELP EACH OTHER OUT. Yes, I know it was network politics bullshit that necessitated the separation (or so they said. We all know it was Whedon's sadism.), but B/A Shipperdom aside, it weakens both stories and makes both teams look like morons.

"Oh, no, I'm sorry, I know we're facing Armageddon, but we can't possibly call Sunnydale/LA, because it's too embarrassing and uncomfortable to deal with Angel's/Buffy's ex."

*rolls eyes*