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Literature and Soup!

I don't think Lady Rowena gets enough love in literary scholarship. She's an interesting character. Character analysis: Lady Rowena in Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott

It's time for richer fall soups. This one is a yummy addition to any meal, but works particularly well for Thanksgiving! Recipes: Creamy sweet potato soup

But mushrooms are delicious too. Recipes: Wild Mushroom Soup -- yum.

Hope everyone had a good holiday and is recovering okay from all the terrible weather!
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I once saw a dramatization of Ivanhoe that had a penultimate scene added which Scott had not written, where Rebecca visits Rowena after she's been rescued to tell the Saxon woman that she is not a rival for Ivanhoe's love. Rowena asks her point blank if she was in love with Ivanhoe and Rebecca says no. In the final scene Rebecca asks her father about the Jewish views of forgiveness of sins such as lying. Her father asks if the lie was for a good cause and she says "the best of causes." Her father then says, "then God Himself forgives you."

I guess that's a little more about Rebecca than Rowena, but I adored that ending.
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