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Also, Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!


So... I watched Suck: The Movie last night, and I'm not really sure what I think about it yet. I mean, it's exactly the kind of B vampire movie that I love. It had Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Dave Foley, and Henry Rollins in it! Okay, the more I think about it, the more I love it. I loved the completely OTT look of the vampires (hello, the female lead is HOT, dudes. Seriously.) The music is mostly crappy (it's about a band, of course there's music), but it's also hilarious in parts. I point you too "Suck," which contains the lyric, "She'll suck you all night long." Which... ew, and ha, in context.

So check it out if you get the chance. And remember, it's a black comedy, you're not supposed to take it seriously. I saw a review somewhere with somebody RANTING about how bad it sucked as a "serious" vampire movie. Said reviewer is obviously either a monkey or one of those trained monkeys they just have type random stuff and hope they get a review out of it. ;)


You know you're a fangirl when any appearance of your favorite media makes you squee like... well, a fangirl. There's a thing about The Millennium Trilogy on CBS This Morning, right now, and I was running around the house telling a bunch of people who really didn't give a shit before I sat down to watch like I'd never heard any of it before.

And of course, I'll be looking for a version online to download later. VIVA SALANDER!


Okay, thanks to the awesome [personal profile] menomegirl, I found the correct officially official [profile] 30daysofangel and [profile] 30daysofbuffy. I'm still going to do them here, and probably won't write a lot of essay-level answers, but it'll still be fun. For me anyway. *G*

So, shall we start all three again?

True Blood, Day 1 )

Angel, Day 1 )

Buffy, Day 1 )


You know how I love LOLcats. Well, Basement Cat and Ceiling Cat ones are my favorite. This one almost made me laugh today even though I feel like crap. ;)


Hey, you know what's fun? When you take meds for your back pain and it gives you EYE TICS. Why the trade offs, pharmaceutical industry. WHYYYYYY?

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