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I'm do bad at remembering the happy birthdays, so as soon as I get the reminder in my inbox, I'm going to post them!

So, happy birthday, two days hence, to [personal profile] eleniangel, [personal profile] clevermonikerr, and [profile] kally05! I hope you have the awesomest days that you can imagine


Whinging About Fandom. Again. Feel free to move along. No new material here. )


I'm not even going to do a cut for Sons of Anarchy this week, because all I have to say is HOLY SHIT! Man this season is heavy. There's too many storylines, but at least they're starting to come together now. And did I mention HOLY SHIT? I can't even believe any of this shite! Heavy, man.


I did it. I wasn't going to do it, but ultimately I was PUSHED. (Shoots look at friends who thought it was a good idea.) I signed up for [profile] jossverse_bb. Even though it's not due until March, I'm going to be HAUNTED by it all through Nano! I need to at least get some plotting done before I sit down to really write it in December or January.

Hopefully it'll be less torture and more fun. ;) B/A REPRESENT, YO!


So here's a dilemna: do you click the link to what might be an interesting fannish meta if the writer has a Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt icon? (No offense to my friends who might like one or both of them. I appreciate the work they do, but on a deeper level, I really really DON'T.)

As it turns out, the answer is "Yes," because although I didn't really agree with the meta (and indeed, found parts of it kind of insulting to certain fan groups), it was very thought provoking and written from a POV you don't often hear from.

If you're interested, it's about SPN -- be warned, it's anti-romance of both slash and het persuasion -- but it's interesting nonetheless.

So do we not judge a meta by its icon?


FOX orders full season of Raising Hope


[personal profile] killerweasel also tells me (she's my fannish news crack dealer, if you'll remember) that The Gates got canceled. Um... I had forgotten it was still on. And you know how I love all things vampire? Even I kinda got bored and wandered off when it came to The Gates. Well, I hope they at least tied things up for fans. (Not likely, I know, when it comes to the networks.)


OMG I WAS WITHOUT INTERNET FROM LIKE 11-3! IT WAS LIKE BEING IN A HELL DIMENSION CUT OFF FROM HOME! It turns out my cable splitter crapped the bed. Even though it was working okay for the TV, apparently it couldn't handle Internet data. WTF is that about?

Anyway, it's fixed now. Phew.

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