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So I finished The Wire, and... I don't know how I feel about it. I mean, it was really good, but wow, doesn't it leave you with a really bad taste in your mouth? Our system is so fucked, no wonder nothing ever gets done. No wonder people live in squalor and rely on crime to survive. It was really depressing. And almost everybody was dead by the end! Although, I guess there was some happiness for our police friends and Bubbles. That part made me happy anyway. Good show, but my favorite gritty is still Oz.

Now what am I going to watch? *sigh* I have a few movies I haven't gotten to yet, but I'm sort of in the mood for procedurals. L&O LA sucked -- at least the episode I caught the other night did. It was better in New York. I'm wondering if L&O UK is any good? Anyone? Buehler?

You know... maybe I'll just watch The Big Bang Theory again from the beginning. That's always good for some TV. Except it's not the good background TV that procedurals are. It's weird, but it seems like they're the only shows (besides the news) that I can kind of know what's going on while concentrating on writing at the same time. It must be something about alpha waves, like with music.


Wonder Woman might be coming back to TV. Hm. You know how cynical I cam about these things. And Wonder Woman was my GIRL when I was a kid. I mean, before Princess Leia came along, then they were sort of tied. But if they're going to "Smallville" her... it could be good, could be bad.

We'll see, I guess. Or not. "In development" could mean somebody is pondering the concept sitting on the crapper in the morning, and we'll never hear about it again.

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