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RIP Tony Curtis and Eddie Fisher.


OMG! I've been reading all the B/A fic I can get my hands on over on AO3, and CAN WE GET ANY MORE ANGST! OY, PEOPLE, PLEASE GIVE ME FLUFF!

I have the death flu, remember? *snuffle*

But, maybe on the positive side, it does make me want to write B/A again. I don't want to promise anything, or even join any ficathons, because I can never guarantee the urge won't leave me again. But for today, I'm doing it. ;) I love my bbs, and they don't get nearly enough joy these days.

Please don't give me any crap about the comics or I might smack you. "Season 8". *spits*


You know you truly have the Vulcan Death Flu when SOUP makes you want to yark. It's a good thing I have my huge new (well, old, but it's new to me, I inherited it from a friend) Comfy Chair in the pit, so I can almost totally recline, and still see both the computer and the TV. Have you guys ever seen my completely excellent laptop table? I think I mentioned it when I got it -- it's sort of like one of those hospital table on wheels, only half of it has a shelf for the laptop, and tilts. The other side is flat, leaving plenty of room for random crap to pile up. It I was one of them modern folks, I'd take a picture of it on my Sell-u-lar phone and upload it, but... All I have is my 10 year old digital camera, and it would take me a day and a half to take a picture and upload it. So just take my word for it.

What was I babbling about again? Oh right. SICK! CAN'T EAT SOUP EVEN. ANGRY.


George Lucas Converting Star Wars Saga to 3-D.



I'm dating myself again, I think, but am I the only one who thinks Lady Gaga is ridiculous, and her music crappy? And we had one of her already -- her name was Madonna. (Who I adored when I was young, and so yes, I do understand it may be an age/generational thing.) The only point Gaga has in her favor with me is that she cast my Alexander in her video. Yum. But that reflects as much on his yumminess as her... well, anything.

I'm just tired of looking at her, is all. Is her 15 minutes up yet? Also, would it be wrong if I saw her walking down the street in those 18-inch platform heels, if I pushed her over?

Yeah, see if your meat suit (which, by the way, struck me as less avant guarde, and more really, really DUMB) protects you now, weirdo.


OMG WHEN DID IT GET TO BE OCTOBER? I know, I know, today, right?


You guys are not going to believe what I just did to myself: I joined [profile] schmoop_bingo. Guess I'm going to be indulging that urge to write fic after all, hey? ;)


I'm going to have to catch up on my TV notes later. Time for new TV now!


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