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Or, er... not right, anyway.

Actually there weren't any actual tornadoes today, but up where my girlfriend lives in the mountains, they were looking at the serious possibility of some. Hello, Global Weirding again! In decades (centuries?) past, we've only had to worry about massive snowstorms that left us stuck on the north side of the mountains (the ones south of me, not the northernmost ones where my girlfriend lives.) until spring. Now we've got massive heatwaves, earthquakes, AND tornadoes? Oy.


You know one "positive" thing about me no longer having a paid account anywhere after so many years -- it has seriously curtailed my compulsive icon collecting. I mean, I have to REALLY like an icon to grab it nowdays, knowing that I can only use the 15 that I think express my interests and self the best (at least at the moment).

I wish there was something like that for food, or online adoptables. I've gotten caught up in that crack world again. I spend an hour clicking shit while I drink my tea in the morning. It's just sad.



See? I've always said LOLcats have taken over the world. It only makes sense that the Internet is made of cats.


It's things like this that make me think Twilight has ruined the vampire genre forever (although he's not the only one I might not have put on this particular list). Come on, Flist -- name me a dozen or more screen vampires that are better than Edward Fucking SparklyPeen Cullen.

Shit, Gerard Butler's Dracula is a hundred freaking times better than that dwank (and although I love it with the heat of a thousand firey suns, the movie is a big stinker). Where are Angel and Spike (in that order)? Langella's Dracula?

Come on, let's make a list. A Cullen freaking free list, if you please.


Hey, wasn't I just saying this EXACT thing a few weeks ago? Of course, I have been looking forward to Dinner for Schmucks, because I adore Steve Carell, but now that I know there's a French original, I might need to go looking for that one instead!

Of course, reading the review, it makes me think that I might like the American version better -- I'm sort of in the mood for this to be a shallow farce. I'm not in the mood for thinky humor, which it sounds like the French original is.

(Note: I've actually seen it now, and I found it more sad than funny. I felt too sorry for Carell's character the whole time to really find it funny. And those cut for spoilers ) were brilliant, not ridiculous! It's weird that I find Carell so hilarious, but his movies always leave me cold (with the exception of The 40 Year Old Virgin). The same thing happened with Date Night, and I find the US version of The Office insufferable.)

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