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RIP George Steinbrenner. Though I grew up thinking of you as the Owner of the Enemy, you were hilarious on Seinfeld.


I'm feeling a little off brain wise (I know you're shocked). Having some pain issues that are treated with pain meds, which make me a cottonballhead (it is TOO a word!). BUT strangely enough, I'm still making progress, slowly but surely, on the scene sheets for the new book. Of course, I'm still right around the middle and have somewhere around... well, too many left for me to count without getting tired. I just have to accept that it takes me a LOT more time and concentration to get writing done these days. I can only hope that the product is even as good as I used to be able to produce. Is that even a proper sentence?

Although apparently:

I write like
Jack London

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I'm not a huge fan of his (I HATE IT WHEN ANIMALS DIE IN MY BOOKS, JERK!), so I'm not sure how that makes me feel? And who knows how this algorithm thingy works anyway? Sounds fishy to me. ;)

And where the hell are all the female writers?


Hahahahahaha! Oh, how I look forward to these! [personal profile] cleolinda presents: Eclipse in 15 Minutes. Put down any liquids before reading.

[A dark and stormy night! A handsome young man: prey for an invisible predator who terrorizes him like a catpire with a mouse, finally pursuing him to the dead end of the docks. He has nowhere to run! He has nowhere to hide! Finally the creature strikes! He collapses, screaming in agony as the venom takes over! I am... really confused, because this looks like a movie about actual vampires and actual vampiring.]

Hee. You suck, Twilight. And the fact that the screenwriters shoved some pseudo-feminist on the end doesn't change the actual anti-woman message of the actual original text. Which Cleo points out in the m15m, but in a much funnier way than I can. ;)


Um... can someone explain to me why Pamela Anderson is headlining at the Montreal Comedy Festival? I didn't think it was a laugh AT kind of thing, but a laugh WITH kind of thing.


Aw, man! No Hell's Kitchen tonight? Did I just say that out loud? Oh, fuck it. I can't help it. I love Hell's Kitchen for the same reason I love Judge Judy: they're (Chef Ramsey and Judge Judy) completely unreasonable people who lose their tempers and scream at other people who are ridiculous and stupid. That makes me happy. Don't judge me!

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