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I mean, the one that you seriously hesitate before even saying it out loud to your closest friend? Everybody's got one, and the funny thing I've always found is that one person's "guilty pleasure" is another person's "OMG GREAT SHOW!" I know back in the day I had friends who considered Buffy a guilty pleasure, while I was all, BEST. SHOW. EVAH. It's summertime, and I'm more likely to watch things on TV I just pretend don't exist during the Fall/Spring Seasons when there are more... let's say choice (imo) choices. My summertime guilty pleasures that I tend to avoid like a TV snob the plague are *whispers* reality shows. The bottom of the rung shows, even. Bachelorette, True Beauty, Big Brother (although I can't handle the schedule for the latter -- it's on like, three times a week, on really odd days), stuff like that. I find myself just completely ashamed when I'm watching them -- especially The Bachelorette, which is such a totally distasteful farce/creepy stalkers get screentime show.


Crap! Speaking of guilty pleasures (although not as guilty as the reality shows), I forgot to watch The Gates last night. I'll have to go watch it online later.


As for True Blood... yes, I watched it. It's an compulsion. I mean, I stuck with Buffy for what, three YEARS after it started sliding into the suck (and one and a half after The Episode That Shall Not Be Named)? So, I'll just continue trying to repress that scene, think Ball is a disgusting human being, and move on. However, my only real comments this week are:

1. Alcide is HOT. Don't care about the character, just want to bang the actor. Yum.
2. PAM!
3. "Shut the fuck up."

Maybe more later.


Right now I'm working my way through The Tudors Season 1. I remember catching an episode or two on CTV (Canadian TV for those who don't know) which we get as a reward for being THISCLOSE to the border. I seem to remember it moving a little slowly for me, and of course, not having any monsters. *G* So far it's okay, and I am interested in this part of history (although Elizabeth I is really my girl). I know my mother's side of the family is tangled up in there somewhere... or like, emptied privies or something around the royals, I don't know whateverthefuck. So I've always been curious. So far the story is moving a little slowly, but you know I respond better to that sort of thing when I watch the entire season at once. Even better, I can watch the whole series in one big glut, so that will give me a good grasp of what the creators were after.


CRAP! It looks like thunderstorms are on their way, and we're going to lose power any minute now. Dammit. Oh well. I have a thousand page book and an Itty Bitty Book Light, so there won't be any lack of things to do. Better sign off here now. Bye all!

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