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I hope most of you get to do that today! I was so comfy in my nice, cool bed this morning that I reset my alarm to two hours later than usual so I could stay snuggled in. I gave some serious thought to curling up with my book all day, but I really need to get some writing done.


I haven't been doing that 30 Day TV Meme that's going around because... well, mostly because I'm just too lazy, but also because I can't always remember all of the television I've embibed in over the years. But I think I CAN say the all time favorite quote. I mean, there are dozens that I love from many different sources, but the one that sticks with me years later is from Babylon 5. (Who knew?) It's from my favorite character, Kosh, and it's had so many useful applications over the years! He says, "The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote."

Ooooooh. Anyway, that wins as my favorite quote simply by its sticking power.


Although they call the article "10 Hot Vampires Who Paved the Way for Edward SparklyPeen", I would call it "10 Vampires 10 Times Hotter than SparklyPeen."

Yum Yum. Some more than others, of course, but still.


I just finished watching Blood Ties. I can't BELIEVE it was left at that! Argh. I have to go read the books again soon to get the sad out of my mouth.


Hey, would you guys mind clicking on my funny sock puppet? I'm trying to make her Exalted, which... unless you play Unicreatures, means absolutely nothing to you. Just suffice it to say she'll get much cooler hair. When you get to the link, just feed, pet or play with her. Thanks! Actually, I'll throw in a few other of my creatures that need love and feeding, but Lady McP the 1st is my gal. If you're a sucker for punishment and want to get totally addicted to the whole thing, stop by my profile and have a look around.

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