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Now that I only have free accounts, I struggle every day with icon choices. So I made this one to express my love for "bad" ladies (or at least not traditionally "heroic") who I've been loving on lately. Although I haven't really seen Gemma or Faith in a while, they are still a couple of my favorite all time badass ladies, and could simply not leave them out. And joining them are two of my newest loves, Cara Mason (from the sadly extinct "Legend of the Seeker") and Lisbeth Salander (from the original Swedish version of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"). (Speaking of the latter, I can't believe there's NO fandom for this series with such a character! She's BEGGING for fanfic, I swear. And Mr. Larsson has sadly passed away, so I don't think he'd object. Come on people, cough it up. She's so interesting! And the actress is so awesome! Is there stuff out there, but I'm missing it because it's not in English? I don't know, but it's a shame.

ANYWAY... Badass Ladies rule. There were others I wanted to add, but the icon just got too big and looked like crap, so I kept it down to these.


This heat is freaking KILLING me, man. I mean, I'm pretty much entombed in my basement. Not that I leave here much anyway unless I have to, but the last few days a trip up to the bathroom is like a little sojurn into HELL. WTF is up with this heat? (That's rhetorical, I sort of understand the meterology of it all) I'm actually SLEEPING down here tonight -- pulled out the old fold up cot with the giant lump in the middle, cleaned off the mattress, made it, and thanked the gods of Coolness that I had the option. I have to drive four hours both ways to pick up a friend of the family's tomorrow in Glens Falls because my mother is too afraid to drive on the highway alone. *sigh* Of course this would have to happen during the worst heatwave in 7 years. It makes me cranky just thinking about the errands I have to run when I get home: paying bills, going to the library, an appointment, because I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE MY BASEMENT WHERE IT IS COOL AND SAFE. Except I haven't figured out where the hell I'm going to put my CPAP thingy yet. (Oh, and if I can whine some more -- and we all know I can -- trying to sleep with forced hot, moist air last night was REALLY unpleasant. And yet I know, if I don't wear the mask, I'll wake up in the morning feeling like I'd slept with my head in a vat of pudding instead, and it leaked into all possible sinus entries.)

Okay, summer, you can be over now. I've had enough.


I... don't know what else to say today. There's a lot of stuff on my mind, but I can't seem to get it on the page. Brain melted? Quite possibly.

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